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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post-Easter Stuff

I know. Nothing's happening, they're just playing Lara's DS. They were so sweet though I just had to take a couple of snaps, and thought I'd share them. By the way, Auntie Pie, your fantastic DS card is MASSIVELY appreciated. Appreciated so much, in fact, that the DS now has to be confiscated on a reasonably regular basis due to excessive use.


Wednesday was an extraordinary day. The Littles was back at school, and Ian was officially off work. Just the two of us! Jaws on floor. We tried to use the time to do things that are generally impossible when infant-laden.

So after dropping her off at school, we set out for a Long Walk in Glenrock. Littles is perfectly capable of Long Walks but isn't very amenable to them. We found a map on the net (of sorts) and decided to start off from home and walk pretty much to Kahiba and back round through Burwood Beach ('Ash') up to Merewether and back. Unfortunately, the map was very indistinct and there was absolutely no indication where we were walking, and we eventually popped out at the water treatment plant (the sewage works, in more prosaic terms). Well it was a little unfocused but nevertheless a beautiful walk on a great day. About 1.5 hours of wonderful random eucalypt tracking, followed by beachy tracking.

Might have been only a 1.5 hour walk (by Australian standards, that's barely waking up: most walks have times like '4 days') but we did require a shower apiece afterwards. Subsequently ran out to trawl Derby Street for some suitable lunch venue, and lighted on a Japanese one we'd never seen before. All very simple fare, but delicious: unagi don and some tempura, with edamame and Sapporo. We could barely move for the rest of the day.

By the time we got back, it was almost time to pick up the Littles and I hadn't even got round to making the beds. Good day had by all.

Here's a marvellous waspy nest or some sort.. turns out the place is full of them, they're hanging off the trunks of trees like overgrown testicles everywhere. And here's the Mr, with a View.



Unidentified and Curious Fungi.

The next day, Lara had arranged a playdate with Ruby (after much antici..... PATion). As a bonus, it just so happened that Sophie dropped by on the way home – was going to invite Lara over to hers but instead came over to join in the playdate. They seemed to have a marvellous time dancing and dressing up and having weird tea-party games, so all ensued very happily.

Some day over the weekend we put up the new tennis funny-pole thing we'd acquire a while back. Great success. Aim is to get hand-eye coordination up a bit, which I think may have been attained to a modest degree, and hope is out for further improvement down the line.

Easter is now officially over, and alas this means that the supermarkets are no longer stocking hot cross buns. These have been a breakfast staple for the Littles for the past two months, and she was simply not about to accept defeat lying down. So we made some. Here she is piping on the crosses....

And here we are with the finished product, duely glazed with the stickiest milk-and-sugar glaze known to man (which needless to say found its way liberally onto all other surfaces).



  1. Greatpics and missive thanks! Have been very out of it recently.. I love the ball thing, have often looked at it and discarded since I know that Nea would be screaming about something... sorry, full blown 3 year old stuff over here. I wish I had the will to do more DS downloading at the moment, would send more- I know I know, not wanted, but still... look at those legs! Such a HUGE girl by now - I love the concentration given to her games, something one definitely loses with two of them around- as I said having some real time of two seems Astounding and amazing-mmmm. WHAT are those fungi? Lovely pics. Look at those buns! You make me ashamed, I really have to do more of that- what with everything have put all cooking to basics of "right you eat this and you eat this too or you're going to go without food to bed but that's fine" -kind of worst parent stuff. Sigh. SO feeling bad parent when I see all this. Lovely!

  2. Yay! I used to make hot cross buns when my kids were little! Now I daren't, as there'd only be me near enough to eat 'em all!
    Glad you enjoyed my Double Dactyl Cocktail! LOL

  3. Thanks for comments, all :)
    There's something seriously wrong with Blogger at the moment and I can't post anything - they say they're onto it but in the meantime it's all a bit hushed here. Back soon (Hopefully!)