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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 19th September 2011

“It sounded like a gun going off. OK maybe a starting pistol. Didn’t expect it in the kitchen, certainly.”

Vesna McMaster, eyewitness account of the Great Microwave Eggsplosion, 2011.

Q: What turns from pure white to furry yellow in 0.05 seconds?
A: A microwave on high with an egg in it.

You get the picture. Luckily it didn’t take too long to tidy up.

Just dashing past with a lightening post because LOADS has been happening and I’ve been remiss as Nero during conflagrations in the posting-and-keeping-updated department,  but a few points of recent interest are (in no particular order):

  1. Lara has lost her 6th tooth, the bottom left, and is now masticating almost exclusively on gum-power,

  1. As of Saturday she graduated on her swimming lesson from ‘beginners’ to ‘shrimps’ having full one-hour lessons, half in the big pool and half in the little (she’s also got her 6m freestyle proficiency certificate, which came with a free lolly on Saturday and she was well chuffed),

  1. We’ve had an offer accepted on 23 Hatfield Street, so it’s possible that we won’t be homeless in the near future. It’s not actually on the market at the moment but it was earlier with another agent, so you can see it here.

I’ve got photos and videos galore from all sorts of excursions, and the holidays are fast coming down upon us so no doubt there’ll be more but at the moment…. ‘that’s all, folks!’

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More pics from the last two weekends

This first was from the weekend before last, I think, when we went to Speers Point Park with Jenna and her dad. Pretty busy weekend in all, what with house viewings and gym and swimming and goodness knows what. Speers Point has just got a makeover and they have LOADS of new stuff, including a huge slide and flying fox which is still too big for the kids but won't be for long!

Pizza picnic in the park (a different one), with bike-ride and general good weather.

Last weekend at Tomaree National Park. Along the red brick road to the top of the hill. Beautiful weather.

Picnic at the top.

Sizeable goanna sunning itself on the summit.

Two sea-eagles - quite a rare sighting.