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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More pics from the last two weekends

This first was from the weekend before last, I think, when we went to Speers Point Park with Jenna and her dad. Pretty busy weekend in all, what with house viewings and gym and swimming and goodness knows what. Speers Point has just got a makeover and they have LOADS of new stuff, including a huge slide and flying fox which is still too big for the kids but won't be for long!

Pizza picnic in the park (a different one), with bike-ride and general good weather.

Last weekend at Tomaree National Park. Along the red brick road to the top of the hill. Beautiful weather.

Picnic at the top.

Sizeable goanna sunning itself on the summit.

Two sea-eagles - quite a rare sighting.


  1. Many thanks for the update, Vesna, happy to see you all well and spritely, climbing over hills and dales and above the sea where eagles soar!

  2. HIya there what a feast! Had just seen it a moment before and had to rush, couldnt wait to see it again... How many pics, school frolics and costumes, snakes, eagles, Bday parties! No WONDER youre in a rush, WOW! Did you make the costume? Excellent school pics- I am so jealous now, seeing the school situation here and the vast outdoor area there with all the happenings... Iinaaa. I love the laser shooter bit, and WHAT a great eagle picture! Pippette boy PMSL!!!! Good to see you in a oouple as well, loooking well!!! Waiting for more, and Leo was particularly impressed with the balloon project- he was ogling it with a gleam in his eye and saying *mummy can WE do one of those?!*
    Fantastic. Write to you soon and lots of love, xOXOXO