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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Long string of pics from Never-Never Land

OK, in no particular order, here's one from when Stella came over to play one day. What they're doing is part of Lara's balloon paier mache project. At this point, the many layers of mache have dried, the ballon's been cut in half and sanded smooth, and now they're under-painting it with white acrylic paint. Full-on enjoyment.

Here's one from when she went to Chanelle's birthday party. This was held at 'Strike', a bowling alley, and this is the cutting cake bit... AtOniSHment! She ate ice-cream cake! You've never seen anything so sticky afterwards, it took half a tub of wet-wipes and a thorough shower afterwards to get her clean. She particularly enjoyed the laser skirmish that was part of the party, came back with gleaming peepers and declared 'I got shot loads of times, but I shot lots of people, too. Stella shot EVERYBODY.'

Here's from the Open Day, which was also in Book Week. For those not in the know, you dress up as your favourite book character, and stay like that the whole day. Meanwhile your parents come to school, see you do some sums and some colouring, watch the band play and the girls dance, then you parade in your costumes and there are lots of cakes on sale and so on. All good stuff. Lara went dressed as Grug... and for those who don't know who Grug is, I'll find I picture of him and paste in in here at some point soon, hopefully. Oh, and he has a best friend of Cara the Carpet Python - hence the snake round her neck.

Here she is doing a word-search with Daddy.

Busy lining up taking chairs down to the hall....

Plenty of kids

Dance group, the older ones...

Dance group, the younger ones.

Grug and Mr Bean starting their parade

And lots of others in her class follow...

I thought the twins were particularly intimidating, what with the inpenetrable sternness of their demeanour as they marched up and down... Not sure what they were, no doubt it's something famous, but it just looked like preccocious Jedi hatching plots.

Grug sneaks off stage...

Grug in glory at home

On Wednesday we paid a visit to Daddy's newly-opened lab. All very nice, clean, sparkly new and lovely.

Here she is busy learning to suck water up a very large ... hm, whaddaya call 'em, tube thing. Oh, apparently even the huge thing is still called a pippette, and (wait for it) the gun that sucks the water up is called a 'pippette boy'. Ah, science.

A more intimate form of pippetting

And more lab

And here's Grug, the original character that she was meant to be on Book Day.

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