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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hi there. The pics are playing up and I really don't have the energy to tidy them up - so all in a long string today. Here's Lara with Ruby the other day - I think it might have been Monday. Bit of a nightmare day for me but it was really nice to have the kids over - they're doing a spot of dancing in this one.

Here's Gappy. Tooth fairy brought her 'Mystic the Dolphin Bear' as a tooth present for this one. I sent her off to school with tissues and a little plastic bag because it was so loose in the morning, and fully expected it to have come out during the course of the day but no, when I picked her up that afternoon there it still was, hanging by a thread. Dangling like an autumn leaf in the breeze. Came home and she let me take it out - dropped off at the slightest pull. She wasn't being cooperative with grinning to let us see the gap for a pic, though, so we had to tickle her mercilessly. Only 16 more teeth left to go!

Today at Blackbutt. Beautiful day, at last, it's been raining in waterful-loads for days and we were really glad to get out. We went early in the morning before Sophie's party, and the place was deserted.

A careless emu has laid her eggs in the muddiest, most unauspicious corner of the paddock, and left them there. Plop.

The kangaroos were unbelievably lethargic, and came to say hello but couldn't be bothered to eat a morsel.

The Forum, for Sophie's party. Behold, 'Splash Zone'.

Major event for Lara, she had said she wasn't going on it because it's terrifying, but eventually Jaymie persuaded her, and helped her all the way through, not once but THREE times.

It's a team effort here to haul Lara through the obstacles. Lara herself seemed willing but mostly petrified - in the literal sense. She moved across here at a glacial pace. This particular obstacle was pretty tough to get over for lots of them, and they pushed and pulled her over like a skinny Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbit's hole, legs sticking out the back, head poking out the other side. Can't believe they actually managed in the end, those girls deserve a medal.

Another team effort of several minutes to persuade her to go down the slide.

Unbelievable pride at the end!

And now... Pizza!

and cake, of course.

Present opening time outside.

Gossamer skeins
trap feebled winter light
to mask the knotty face
of Love

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  1. POEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM great! Pics great! Everything. Lord what a load of fun- Leo is UUUUGLING at the water slide! I think Nea wouldn't half mind either, that's absolutely jaw dropping! ONe can't beat the inflatable ones. CONGRATS on tooth Non! Another sixteen to go? Which one is this to fall out then, sorry I lose wisdom of teeth count since I only have about 22 and a half of them myself, can't believe she let you pull it out Leo would die first. Looks so very comfy in that lovely coat, my, it does look cold! The kids are dressed somewhat like here; half of then with tank tops on and half with fur. Hi Hi. Love to Non!!!!