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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18th 2011 (Monday)

In case you were wondering what the first picture is, it's Lara's first savoury culinary masterpiece. Baked potato mouse. (Yes, that's a mouse). She scrubbed the potatoes, turned the oven on, put them in, scooped the insides out afterwards, chopped up the bacon, fried it, mashed it into the potato, re-stuffed them, and pushed in all the whiskers, ears, tail and eyes. (Don't you love the broccoli eyes?) First time she's had any interest in 'real' cooking so it's a bit of a milestone. She enjoyed eating them, too.

Here's a very grainy picture of one of the swimming classes. Partly because the camera steams up uncontrollably and partly because I didn't want to use the flash... cameras in pools are generally not encouraged and one's always in slight danger of being suspected of being a paedophile. Still, a pic, of sorts.

I'm at a loss at how to continue this blog, because all my compass points are broken and I don't know what's allowed any more. I will, however, try to continue to take pics of Lara and post them, because I know people want to see them. Apologies in advance, as no doubt it'll be pretty sporadic. I'll do my best. It might not be very good.

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