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Monday, June 11, 2012

May catch-up

OK, it’s been a hideously, unbelievably long time. Yes, I know you all reckoned I was dead and buried. No, we’re alive and kicking, really. Life has been… fast. No, it’s not an excuse, just a statement. The state of the pictures is such that as at the moment I don’t even have a ‘June’ folder of pics, and it’s already the 11th. Here are some random ones from May.

Caves Beach (first time round) digging for Pirate Gold (and yes, isn't it amazing, she found some)

Caves Beach... from above...

Here's one from when Claudia came round for a weekend and they were starting up the disco downstairs

I think this was Burwood, with Daddy. The dog is Jackie, Gabby's mum's dog.

Artistic pictures courtesy of chez Daddy's

Back with Claudia again... though you couldn't tell. It's really just two manatees in a hot tub

Speer's Point Park, on the flying fox. No, this one's Claudia. I know, they look similar from a distance

Ditto, Speeer's point. Don't ask me to remember which weekend this was. Sometime in May.

Back at Caves Beach, ditto weekend. No, don't know which child this was.

Well, that's one of each of them, anyway.

Still digging for Pirate Gold. They went to the supermarket afterwards and spent a good half-hour choosing what sweeties they would buy with the loot afterwards. It seemed almost more thrilling than unearthing the gold.

Evening at Caves Beach

Why are they looking up? At Balckbutt?

Because each one of those tiny blobs is a huge fruit bat. THOUSANDS of them. They're amazing.

with Klaus's kids in the cubby

Ditto, with lots of desserts

ditto, with lots of bouncin gon the trampoline

Of course, there are more... must download the June ones. Anyway I'll knock off here before it gets stale, keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll be back posting again reasonably regularly. Hope you're all well out there and special big good wishes to the Whale (and hope to catch up with you soon!) but big snogs all round. Generally typographically depicted as 'x x x'