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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday 11th July 2011

While the pics are uploading from the other day, I'll tell you about the Sunday and today. No pics, for once, you see.
Sunday was a little bit squashed, somehow. We kinda tried to make it a rest-and-recouperate day, and just as well, really. It's the thing with relax-all-over days, seems to bring out the colds and sniffles in everyone. Well, Lara in particular. She was sort of listless for a lot of the day and eventually in the evening more or less snivelled out. However, in the meantime we started out with going to the farmer's market. BOY WAS IT WINDY. OH my word. I went round the place with a big scarf round my head, and we didn't linger. We did however come home with a large leg of goat meat, a nice free-range chicken, and lots of veg. I resisted the banana blossom honey (on this occasion) and also the smoked trout... that stuff is just unbelievable. If Ian has a lab do I'll get some and make some canapes. Really expensive but REALLY worth it – leaves the kind of aftertaste that you only get from really excellent whiskey or wine. Well, not whiskey of wine as it's fish but you know.
Now, all afternoon we tried to engage that little frittle in reading, collaging, tea parties, cooking, whatever – but nothing really took. She did show some interest in starting a papier mache project (the usual stuff on a balloon) but after a sticky interlude that was soon finished. Long bouts of reading Harry Potter didn't catch on. Calpol and Children's Panadol, however, were a hit. Apparently she woke up in the night, came to our room, turned the light on, went to the loo, and got more panadol but I was completely unaware.
Now, today we were more than slightly apprehensive about her new swimming lessons, but although snotty she claimed to be OK so we went ahead with them. They're at 10:30 every morning this week. She's got Tina, her coach from last time who did well with her. Lara started off quite OK but the thing is she hasn't learned to breathe – she just flails along madly until she gets to the side. The method is that they get them paddling properly first and THEN teach them to breathe but it's just not going to work for her – she needs to learn to breathe before she can paddle properly, so I might have a quick word with the teacher tomorrow. She seemed to enjoy it, however, and paid good attention, so snot or not snot all was well.

Immediately on coming home we went to pick Indie up from oosh, and brought her back for pizza and play until gone 5. They crafted, they danced, they played, they decorated and ate cupcakes, they coloured, they twisted balloons, they played in the wendy house. All good stuff.

Ah, now... the pictures. These are from the 5th or so, I think. 'Shake-a-leg storytime' I think it was called, and they had an Aboriginal guide who told them all about hunting and gathering, emu-callers, snake-whitles, painted their faces with ochre and got them dancing aboriginal dances. Told them stories (like the one about Tiddalik the Frog) and explained about how the men do the hunting and the women do the gathering. Anyway, she had a good time at that one, too. They did another aboriginal-type hand-print (luckily with a squirty-bottle pray rather than having to blow it from the mouth in the traditional manner). Seems ages ago now. Gosh I'm tired. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.

the Very Curious Kukkaburra who watched everything, and getting the hand-print done


Everyone with clap-sticks, and being kangaroos listening out for hunters 

Grinding ochre for face-paint, and blowing on a snake-whistle (just a piece of grass - quite effective)

the goanna dance - though on the hamstrings!

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