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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fire festival end of June

I'm trying to figure out which bits I haven't told you about, and find I haven't posted some pics up from late June. These are from a Newcastle City thing they put up from time to time called 'Livestites' – this was a 'fire festival'. We only dropped by for a short time but it was quite pretty and atmospheric. Late at night (well, anything past 6pm) isn't really the sort of thing you can take a Littles to and expect to get away crank-free on any occasion. Still, the various fire displays were eye-catching (and not entirely safety-conscious), and the kids made lanterns and floated them on the fountain, and there was a string quartet playing, so not a bad effort in all. We didn't stay for the firewalking later on, because of Cranks and General Tetchiness, but hey, something different.

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