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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Taronga Zoo excursion on the 3rd this month began (unusually) with a round-trip ride on the cable car. We got there unthinkably early and the place was still pretty empty. Lovely day, and of course lovely views.


 Harbour Bridge  - and there's the tower we went up, too (on a different occasion)

The giraffes have the best view in Sydney, and they're pretty rude about it, too 


Riding a Rhino, and more lovely views






  1. What a rare treat of so many pics with you!!! The Mr looks pretty snazzy up there- I love the feeling of the taking pics in cable cars where one has to bunch together like beans in a can to get a pic- Is that owl really flying around the place?! Super! Non looking more long legged than ever- won't mention the other bit about being even more cutelitious and happy!!! WOW has she had time to sleep these days?! Well done mummy on getting everything organized the way you always do, did you have a day spare?! (BTW PMSL with Giraffes ) XOXOXXO

  2. Gosh, you got there before I managed to finish uploading the pics! They take an absolute age, and seem impossible to arrange. Got a sleepover-playdate coming up RIGHT NOW... must put on some more cupcakes!