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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think I mentioned, a while back, about my most-hated telemarketing calls. Someone calls from the “computer maintenance department” and wants to ask you details about your computer, because you might be “open to virus attacks”. They’re trying to get access to your hard drive.

Well, they keep on calling, and each time I hear the little intro patter I get so angry I just slam down the phone, either yelling something first or not, as the mood takes me. They called again yesterday, and I managed to control myself enough to immediately grab some writing implements and get the caller’s name, their company name (which had changed since last time), the supervisor’s name and the company address. The guy didn’t get the chance to say a thing, and as the questions kept coming he got smaller and smaller, you could barely hear him speaking by the end. He desperately wanted to swap for his supervisor but I insisted he stay on the line and give me the details instead. When I’d got the info I told him I’d be reporting his company to the police for harassment and fraud. Strangely enough, he didn’t seem to find this surprising, unreasonable or unbelievable in any way, and just whimpered out “OK.” So I said thank you for your call, goodbye. I wonder if I’ll ever be hearing from them again?

Sophie and Ruby round today after school, and they all had a damn good playdate. I'm not sure what they were doing but it sure involved a hell of a lot of uncotrollable laughter. then you catch phrases like: "Let's go and play Mooses." "No, let's do some cooking." "We should tickle Lara." "Ok, well how about we do some cooking, then tickle Lara, then play Mooses." "Ok. You make the sandwiches." (All with the background of such chortling that one really suspects Lara doesn't need any tickling at all.) By about 5 Sophie is inevitably so hungry she's raiding everything in sight, despite the free availability of fresh cookies and fruit, so I've asked them over for an early dinner next Wednesday instead, to try and be a bit healthier at least than endless dolling out of toffies. Or sneaking up on unsispecting toffees and snarfing them, as was the case today.

Saw one of those little headlines on MSN as I clicked into Hotmail today, and at a careless galnce seemed to read  "Welding moments you might have missed." Hmm? Quite interesting, and looked again. Oh no, misread. Actually "Wedding moments." Sod that.

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