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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday May 5th 2011

Unbelievably, there is a continuation to the ‘computer maintenance department’ story. Despite the other day’s debacle, today they phoned AGAIN. After listening for a second in amazement to the woman’s patter, and opining wonderment at receiving communication after threatening to report them to the police, the caller started screeching ‘Oh my god’ and wavered away to a cut-off. I looked up the symptoms on the net and found that as early as September 2010 the Queensland police had already issued an official scam warning on them, but obviously it still seems to be going. Really, I don’t care any more, I just don’t want them calling again. Short of pulling the phone out of the socket I’m not sure what’s going to stop it, though.

Events. Hm. Don’t know and not been very productive in the last few days, don’t know why. No excuse, seem to be meandering from random task to the next and not focused on anything. Bit crap really. The Non however seems very pleased with herself in general and comes home every day with a big satisfied grin plastered all over her chops. When relaxing at home she will, in recounting the day’s events (which are never very detailed) sometimes stretch out on a brown bed of mooses and exclaim luxuriantly: “I HATE school,” which is quite the most unconvincing delivery I’ve ever beheld.

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