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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday 29th May 2011

My Kindle is great. All those e-books I downloaded months ago are now finally readable! It's so book-like that I sometimes make the mistake of putting my hand up to turn the page rather than press the button. And it's BRILLIANT for reviews: you can mark, dog-ear, make comments and notes at will, search the text for words and jump straight to passages without having to leaf endlessly. Happiness. Now I just have to finish up a couple of books, review them, and see what new releases I can get from the publishers. Ooooh.

Meanwhile, Blogger. Dear me. Now I can't post comments on any other blogs because it refuses to log me in for comments. So I can post my own stuff but am utterly silenced on anything else. Where does it all come from?

Yesterday we ended up doing remarkably little. It was a pretty drizzly day and all we did was get out to the library. Mind you we did see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit, which was quite good. Spent some time catching up on Lara's reading, some (of course) the two of them spent on the DS and in the evening we watched “Where the Wild Things Are” - the film, that is. I didn't really catch it properly as I was mostly watching while cooking, but it didn't seem like a film that was particularly accessible to children. Well, I don't know, maybe that's not fair – she was interested all the way through, which is quite an achievement in itself. Maybe a few more years would make all the difference. The imagery and parallels are quite difficult for a six year old, though. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Talking of DS, Ian has finally beaten the last Bowser on SuperMario. The Non was rocketing around the place in an utter frenzy of excitement and anxiety: the sofas took a real pounding. I think there are still a couple of 'hidden' levels which they haven't even seen, but hey, they've finished the game. Now he's cooking porridge. (Ian, that is, not Super Mario).

No idea what we'll be doing today, but at least it's not bucketing down. Jolly cold though. The whole family's going to bed with hot water bottles. I have a jolly good mind to go and get Lara a full-sized one, because she's getting up at the dead of night, waking us up too, and demanding a refill. 3 am is not a lively time for me.

Right, porridge time.


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2011

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  2. REALLY!? The last one Ian got?! I got once ( long time it seems now, must have been when Leo was 3) to the LAST place- where the games go on for ages- and suddenly- I don't know, sudden move or.. no, something else)- put me out of Mario completely and never ACTUALLY went the whole stretch- well DONE!WHAT is the last BIG BIG WARUIYATSU like? I started to dislike that gam after Leo got to know how to put the cheats on on the card- after that it was sort of boring, one could become the big Mario whenever the fancy took one. Very discouraging.
    Congrats on the kindle! I was looking at one for ages, I7ve got 3 birthdays and 2 Xmases worth of presents to get, still haven't used the "gratis Piefie " points- actually after 5 years of buying almost no gadgets at all except a camera one now has to get the whole new menagerie of laptop(increasingly difficult these days to survive with one desktop on 4, not to mention homework and internet Japanese learning from now on) kitchen appliances, transformers, hoovers.... you name it. I think I'll have to kick Kindle way under the mattress for the moment but envy you green. GRRRR Eveyone always looks so happy with those things in their hands, I'm just always looking at them and thinking, sigh, I'd probably spill coffee on mine after the first 5 minutes: usually all my books suffer the same fate, sadly.... Is there a book offer present download that one could perhaps give for your birthday? SOmething you know, not some pifling stuff but a good 500000 volumes or something. I must admit every time I want to get a book for the kids and see aaaaaahhh, the kindle version is 1.03 dollars, grrrr.... SOSOSSOSOSOS jealous. XOXOXOXXO