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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4th May 2011 (Wednesday)

Always bake your coconuts.

That’s going to be my motto from now on. All that hacking away at the flesh? (The coconut’s, I mean. Any other problems are none of my concern). Forget it. Put the thing in a 200 degree oven and leave it for 15 minutes or so. The whole thing will come away like a dream.

It does make them slightly rubbery, and it’s not exactly the same as totally fresh, but it’s a fair deal. Plus, I was a bit indecisive and split the coconut before putting it in the oven: you should really just drain it first through the holes and then split it when it’s cooked.

By the way, in case anyone still has trouble opening a coconut, you do it by tapping it round the equator with a hammer, all the way round (reasonably gently will do, hold it in your hand and just pop pop pop it) and then some. It’ll split naturally along the tap-line.

Well unorthodox for a blog entry perhaps but it was a revelation last night, thought I’d share.

Been pretty quiet here recently. I don’t know what happened to yesterday, all seemed to vanish in chores. Lara started up her drama classes again (enjoying them as ever). Today we have Ruby round, and I think the next day Sophie. Had to scrub Lara extra-thoroughly and wash her hair this morning because she had come home with a load of what looked like tree-bark mulch on her scalp. She denied all knowledge of how it got there until I promised not to be mad if she told me. Her amnesia cleared all of a sudden and she mentioned that she might have stuck her head in the dirt. Oh? Quoth I, how come? ‘I stuck my head in the dirt at gym.’ ‘Did you have to do that as part of gym?’ ‘No!’ (As in, how daft would THAT be, tone.) Oh well.

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