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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday 27th May 2011

Hurrah! Blogger’s got its arse in gear and I can sign in and out (fingers crossed, it wasn’t just a one off). One less annoyance.

We had a very nice evening last night at Pete’s. The kids disappeared and were doing weird dressing-up (pillowcases and shawls like makeshift yashmaks, and then appearing and not saying anything. I think the intention was to be scary). There was someone visiting from Brisbane as well (a Swiss Iranian – I think another ‘it’s complicated’ person), and all in all very nice.

I think Lara was a little tired this morning but she did her work nicely anyway and got to school on time. Phew. She found it hilarious when I groaned and muttered under my breath when her maths questions were ridiculously easy. I use a random generator so she might have 99+99 or 0+1. She did in fact have a 0+1 today and the amusement caused a strawberry milk eruption.

In any case, Friday again, somehow. Where does the time go? I desperately need to go to yoga but what’s the betting that my Special Delivery Kindle will come while I’m out? 100%, I’d say. Then I’ll have to go someplace weird to pick it up, no doubt. I’m torn.

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  1. Kindle? YoU've made the final decision?! See the people all reading on tabs these days around me- seems exciting and high brew, they say in Europe there are other readers as well, browse, discard, exhilarate, give up. Rhg. Lara is a laugh. She's first grade! Going great with the plusses man. WHat was that that Leo does,,, down low up high twist triple and double five!!! Just acquired journal prompts for summer. Seems its going to be a long/short one. School end nigh, ending is passing the 12ves multiplication in 40 seconds. We're going strong. Sigh. Comes back yesterday from school says that his reading has gone up to 170 words a minute. Whatever the grade level, I'd say that from 20 words at the end of last year it's a jump. But still does have problems with left and right?!. I must say US workbooks are a bit of a blast- leave out Shakespeare and Chaucer, they have texts on Bruce Willis and Sandra Bullock. Ain't life great? Apparently the former is really called Walter.Oh sod off says Vens. Better if I was a silent reader. Hrph. XOXOXOXOS