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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 21st May 2011

“Oh, it's the rotating flames of doom,” she mumbles through a mouthfull of apple.
“Yeah, they're a bit of a pain,” he agrees laconically.

Lara and Daddy are playing Super Mario. They've been playing it all morning, and look set to play it all afternoon, too. I've not been much of an impediment to it all, either, doing nothing more useful than mooch around, checking websites and rubbing sore bits. Yoga yesterday took my arse from sitting-induced stiffness to a posture-induced petrification. … Oh, hang on. As I type they've finally abandoned the DS and have disappeared upstairs, no doubt for 'Moose Den'.

Don't know what happened since yesterday – in fact I don't know what happened to yesterday full stop. Took Lara to gym in the evening, did other stuff OK but the beam is still a bugbear. Evenings really drawing in: it's quite dark now when we come come home at quarter to six.

If we end up doing something interesting, I'll check in later. If not, you'll know we've spent the day in mindless squalor. (Tempting...)

OK the squalor remains but we did go out. Turned into a stunner of an afternoon and after a brief stop-off at a new look-out point on the Hill (and by the way I want a glass cabin there with a desk and a cup of tea for writing in... or rather the cain for the writing in and the tea for - oh screw it) we went down to bar beach, and spent several hours tootling slowly down from there to Merewether and back again.

It was supposed to be too cold to swim but the Littles eventually stripped down to her knickers and went into the ‘little baths’ – just a shallow pool in the rocks that was in use about 50 years ago but it now just au naturalle. After that she just ran around in lilac pants until we went home. Gorgeous afternoon. As usual, I fell asleep on the beach, the others ran races and built sandcastles. It was so warm I took my fleece off, and so sunny that freckles came out on my insteps. Insane, unreasonable quantities of Blue about the place. Have no idea why it makes one grin so much.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    We were hoping to find a link to the two semifinalist stories, just nosey you know.
    Like the Pie we thought the poem was good.
    It is fine that the Non says she hates school
    like any normal kid does, I still do.
    As for the phone calls, they really are unbearable,they ask me how much I spent for my last term electricity, how would I know?
    Hope the Whale will get a link to Facebook so that I can have a look at all the pics .
    Lots of love . W.