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Monday, May 16, 2011


That’s it, I’m going to rip the phone out. Anybody who wants to get in touch will just have to use telepathy. Rip the phone out and shove a stake where its cord used to be, perhaps smear it with garlic, too.

The “Computer Maintenance Department” has been blissfully absent from my life for probably over a week now, so I HAD to get some new moron telling me that the Australian Government was going to “give me $5,230 dollars because my bank was involved in some unlawful transactions and this is my hard-earned money.” PISS OFF! Where do they come up with these ideas? No, wait. I don’t want to know. Sod the war on terrorism, I want to see a war on telemarketers. It’s not even telemarketing, is sodding Telescammers. Anyone got some missiles handy? A few of those Navy Seals wouldn’t go amiss letting rip in one of those call centres. But reserve the main torture for the ring-leaders: the ones who think these things up. Nothing is too good. Dust off your Inquisition books. Learn and apply.

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