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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There’s always one damn thing or another wrong with Blogger. Now one can’t sign in or out without first deleting all the cookies and internet browsing. Great. So each time I want to post something on the other blogs I have to re-type all the information on everything else I do in the world. Fantastic. Guess who’s thinking about using Wordpress for the next instalment of Upside Downs once the storage on this one runs out… Meanwhile of course as usual there’s a string of people leaving messages for Blogger saying they can’t do this, and any response? Nope. Ignored for about a week, no doubt it’ll continue. Love it.

And another thing. If I read once more than someone grins 'wolfishly' I'm going to burn the book on the spot. Hit delete. Whatever. What is it with people? I'd like to see anyone see a wolf grin in the first place, and even if they did surely one could think of other predatory creatures to describe an expression. Tigerish? Moray eels I always find very menacing, or perhaps octopus. Lobsters even. How about earwigs? Very menacing pincers, ominous colour. Just leave the damn wolves alone, think of something.

Not in the best of moods. Three kids on Incandescent Noise form, and a tantrum from Lara in the morning (yes, the checklist was short-lived indeed). It's all so uphill.

Oh what the hell.

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