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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday 9th May 2011

Cerulean skies in the morning and Armageddon for the afternoon. Nothing like autumn for changeability.

Littles had a “pupil-free” day at school: which meant she was at home today. We were still lounging about in the morning, occupied in our separate ways and unwashed states (Littles playing her DS in our bed, me ogling pythons on the net), when Sophie's mum called up and asked whether she'd like to come and play. Would she? Is the Pope Catholic? So into the shower presto to get her scrubbed, and a short while later delivered duly to Sophie's.

Ah. Sigh. With this surprise influx of unlooked-for time, I set to and penned (typed) a short story for a competition that's closing TODAY – almost abandoned it but hey fortune favours the bold. TALKING OF WHICH, in case anyone hasn't heard I got runner-ups in TWO comps last week! One was for a prose piece in the Global Short Stories comp and the other was a poetry one with Writelink. The Global one has no link (it's just my name in a list of runner-ups) but the Writelink one is here if anyone feels inclined. Notch, notch, click. I know they're only runner-ups but they all go on the list! Pleased or what.

That was today, but I haven't told you about the weekend. Should be a few piccies to upload for you from Sunday, when we decided at the last minute to go the Australian Reptile Park – which is sort of half-way to Sydney. We've been there before but the Littles didn't have a very clear recollection of it. It's not a huge collection but they've got an enormous asset in an intensely vigorous 'presenter' who relentlessly holds talks on Tassie devils, snakes, crocs, and whatever you want talking on as long as it raises money for the Tasmanian Devil breeding programme they've got running there. Day was gorgeous, and it being Mother's Day over here they even let me in for free! Stingy to my marrow, this was pleasing in an icing-the-cake sort of way.

Can't exactly remember what we did on Saturday but it wasn't much. There was a trip to the library which ended in something including a joke book. 'Knock knock' jokes were floating around for the rest of the day. Oh yes, we also went to a sort of Aboriginal sherbang at the Foreshore. A hilarious presenter (who as the Littles put is 'wasn't wearing anything') did an amazing coordination of random kids in an aboriginal dance and they pranced and strutted as emus and kangaroos till I was quite blue with laughter.

I'd better just post this because we need to swap computers... will post pics tomorrow if all goes well.

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  1. Just quick one in mess of home, I loved ( of course, but really really) the Japanese one (short st. I mean) Not that it means anything that I do, but still, I really do. Well done, well done. I don't have enough thumbs to go around. If I was somewhat more So-CAl, would attempt to say I'm so proud of you but hey, let's stick to a BIG INTERNET HUG AND KISS. Bravo!