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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday 24th May 2011

I wonder if ‘uninspiration’ has a colour. I’d say it would probably be about the colour of a lamb sandwich. With white bread. Not that I can’t think of anything – just can’t be bothered. Yawn. Someone stick a pin in me.

Reading groups at the school this morning. Those kids are coming on quite nicely (makes them sound like a batch of gingerbread men… mind you not far off the mark in some respects.) I’ve just started on Lisa Unger’s ‘Sliver of Truth’ with high expectations, and feel quite let down. Still keep reading it in the vain hope it’ll stop being so sloppy and repetitive. Maybe that’s at the root of not getting on and typing out the next story. (Excellent, I feel better already now that I’ve laid hold of someone to blame other than myself).

Yeterday it was Neve for playtime. She rushed into the house, stood all agog in the middle of the sitting-room and demanded: “Is it true that there are face paints in this house?” So out came the paints and on went the disco lights. They ended up playing a curious game called ‘lost boyfriend’. (For the uninitiated, you get a sort of Barbie Ken doll, and one of the girls – plus four or five ‘helper’ stuffed animals, secrete him somewhere obscure. The other girl then looks for him with wild ineptitude. All to the tune of Blondie.)

Today it’s Drama, and tomorrow it’s Ruby and Sophie again for their Wednesday afternoon stint. Seeing as Sophie’s coming over I asked them round to dinner again in the hope that this would ensure they got through less than a kilo of sugar per child. I can stuff ‘em up on pizza and salad and they’ll be happy as Riley. Then Thursday it’s the new dance class and Friday gym, of course, so all in all the weeks are pretty full for Lara these days.

Talking of which… Ah, breakthrough! Yesterday I finally had enough of nagging and nagging to get her ready for school, and told her if she wasn’t getting ready herself she could just stay there and never get to school at all. Told her I was going to have my shower NOW and if she wasn’t there she’d have to have it on her own. (We’ve taken to having showers at the same time ever since I got her a shower cap. It’s quicker and kinder on water usage, and she rather likes it. She puts the cap on and dances around the place naked singing ‘I’m a baby Pollock, I’m a baby Pollock’, presumably referring to the folically challenged aspect the vinyl covering gives her. But to continue… ) I finished the shower and she burst in, full of distress: how could I finish without her? Etc. I ended up writing a list for her, so she could cross things off: Breakfast, Shower, Teeth, Pack Bag, Get Dressed, etc. MAGIC! She ended up running around the place checking things off while I sat and read my book! Success, thy name is empowerment. ‘Course, don’t know how long it’ll last but every little step is another bonus. Plus there was the added threat I’d made: every day she doesn’t manage to cross everything off the list, without anyone’s help, she looses another toy. Puts a bit of an edge on things. Still, the result was good, and she went to school very pleased with herself.

The Mr now has a full complement of employees at work, and at the end of June he might even have a lab! Things are looking up. All we need to do now is find a house…

Talking of which, just as I was typing this a notification came up in my mailbox with something new in Merewether Heights, at last. Looked in…. and it’s next door! Gugh. The one place we REALLY don’t want to be moving to. Next door, being sold by the estate agent who lives next-next door. It’s all very incestuous, not to mention undesirable.

Oh, by the way Woofie thanks for wanting to read the stories (heroic of you, not even been requested!). The only recent semi-finalist (well, runner-up technically) was for Global Writers, and not only do they not publish the dross of the short-list but even the link to my mention on there is now defunct, it seems... all their archives have gone Phutt. The story itself has already been recycled elsewhere, so under wraps for the moment. The two stories I had accepted for the anothology are not in print yet, but when they are wey hey! I shall of course be encouraging everyone to buy the book (all in a worthy cause, you know) so hang fire there!
Ugh, long blog. See yah.

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