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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday 6th May 2011

What is Blogger doing. I just logged in to find the charming message: ‘You are not following any blogs. Click here to add some!’ Well I was bloody well following a whole load last time I looked, where did they go?

It has done this once before… I think I ignored it and it remembered where it was after a while. Makes you wonder though. Could one’s whole blog just disappear in a puff of pixels too? Like one’s finances?

Sandwich news. Saw a newly-packaged six-tomato set at Coles last shop round, displaying themselves as the ‘no mess’ tomato perfect for sandwiches. No more soggy sarnies, they claimed. Humph, think I, tomatoes are messy by nature, that’s wh you have them in sarnies in the first place. I also notice they’ve worded the blurb cunningly so that ‘no mess’ will also appeal to those who like to buy ‘simple, unadulterated’ food. Turns out these tomatoes have been messed with in a MAJOR way, because on slicing them open it’s evident that the pulp has been engineered to be a smooth and consistent solid mass all the way through, with the pips being so reduced in size as to be negligible. No more scooping out the pips and juice. Just cut and go. Can you imagine the amount of work that must have gone into that? Oh well, GM here we come.

Can’t believe it’s Friday already. The Mr is off on some talk today (at least it’s in Newcastle, he doesn’t have to drive off to Sydney) so who knows when he’ll be back. If they put on many more of those Free Drinks things I’m not sure he’ll hold together one of these nights. Talking of Free Drinks… unfortunately had to pass up on an excellent-sounding wine tour organised by the Biology department, because we couldn’t come up with a solution for the Littles. The childcare centre doesn’t open on Saturdays, and it was far too long a time to leave her wither with friends or with a babysitter. We even asked whether she might come along, but they said no. So there we are. Shame.

Must post up a link to one of those blogs I don’t follow: marvellous exhibition twinned with floristry in Frisco that was quite arresting. Remind me if you don’t see the link here shortly.
Ah.. here they are, back again. Check it out at


  1. Talking of blogger I just wrote a whole long passage of this that and another, spent 20 minutes, posted it after which it apologized wanly "Sorry, we are unable to process your request" Zap bam boom finished, vanished into thin air. Sorry, won't again- have to get on, have been reading and thanks so much for writing- URGGG telemarketing vomit vomit spit spit!!! Pusses round to all and loves loves-PF

  2. Oh Pie! How many times... Copy, paste. Don't trust Blogger with anything! Now I've missed out on a whole load of gossip.
    I put a note in somewhere else (as a comment) but I'm at the moment unable to post anything on Blogger. They apparently know about the glitch and are seeing to it (huh) but in the meantime no new posts and I'm reduced to communicating by Comment. The cryptic 'Monday 9th May' blog DOES actualy have content waiting to be uploaded... it's just sitting on the hard drive at the moment. Hopefully they won't take too long fixing it.
    Ooh, no more calls from the Eternal Maintenance Department, for the moment... Fingers crossed!!