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Sunday, May 1, 2011

the buggers!

“Seething” would hardly be the term for it. I feel like grinding bones. Had submitted three pieces (stories) for a story anthology for the Japan disaster. (These things get the work donated by the authors, and the proceeds of the sales go in perpetuity to relief aid). Been waiting patiently to hear back. Just found out that there's been a PODCAST of selected stories read out. Site up with author bios and pics.

Now, I'm pretty immured to rejections. No problem. Wasn't holding out much hope for inclusion here, but it was one that I'd rather set my heart on anyway and I was keen to hear results, one way or another. To let the authors know they're not included by way of a blogged podcast is, by any standards, a pretty despicable way of getting things done. How hard is it to send off a group email to the people who aren't picked, just a quick 'thanks but no thanks' two-liner? For crying out loud. Never been treated so shoddily in all my writing career so far, and that's pretty damn shoddy. Teeth clenched and spitting.

Talking of grinding teeth, I now have to find a dentist because a bizarre little corner of a molar has disappeared overnight. Very back molar, and not at the top but at the bottom, by the gum. On the inside. Why? It hardly seems like a high-stress area. Not looking forward to opening up my mouth and my wallet again, after a good number of years of dentist-free life. However this one's not like the front tooth I chipped while heading downwards into the toilet bowl a few days before we emigrated. Really needs seeing to or it'll... go south, as the phrase is.

…. So seething that I can't actually remember what's been going on. I'll get rid of this and download our more recent photos, so that I can tell you about those. See you soon, hopefully.

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