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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday 1st June 2011

First of June, eh? Blimey.

Resolutions for June:
  • Get a bloody move on with that novel. I’ve got 13 chapters to revise (they should probably be broken down into about 30) and to this end I’ve hooked a ‘progress meter’ at the bottom of this blog. Would really like to put it at the side to be more motivational but the layout doesn’t allow it.
  • I’ll do a few stories but not many. There are at least 40 comps on in June but I’ll just pick four for submitting new stories, and recycle the rest. I’m sure I’ll be able to recycle four more – eight is enough for one month. Last month I subbed 13 and it’s too much. Besides, it gets expensive.

That’s enough, probably. Hopefully my review group will be able to send me some digital copies of books for reviewing. It's funny, I thought I'd written loads last month but actually it was under 10K words. 10K! Absolutely nothing. Short stories take a lot of time.

And damn it would be nice to move house. … Well, ‘nice’ may not be quite the word, but, y’know.

I’ve got one, possibly two kids over again today for dinner (it’s Wednesday) and it’s and I haven’t done a thing. Once again, in big trouble. How can one small house get so messy.

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