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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday 23rd June 2011

Yesterday’s performances were side-splitting. I thought (to be honest) that one hour of kids’ performances would drag rather, but it was as entertaining an evening as one could wish for. Not just the one that Darling Daughter featured in, but all of them.

The kids obviously enjoy themselves immensely and it’s quite infectious. Lara herself had three lines. She mumbled one of them incomprehensibly, fuffed the second and more or less delivered the third. However, the delight in the delivery was quite unparalleled. In fact, it could well have done to be less pronounced. Her group were meant to come on looking really sad, and she was smiling fit to split her head in two, beaming up at the audience, waving to us, and to cap it all bouncing up and down uncontrollably the whole time. Apart from that, perfect method acting. The first line she had: “How can we make the Princess smile when WE’VE all forgotten how to smile?” was interrupted by irrepressible bouncing and chortling, so just slightly…. unorthodox in delivery, perhaps.

I loved the bit at the end where the whole cast came on as zombies, murmuring ‘brains, brains, brains’, and Ian was beside himself with mirth at the inexpressibly confusing announcements at the end by the organiser - said it was the most hilarious thing all performance. I rather suspect the toilets backstage are either scarce or unusable because both Lara and the presenter were dancing and hopping about the place from leg to leg. Really don’t know how much was due to excitement, ‘acting’, natural tendencies or bladder engorgement.

Unfortunately, there are NO pictures. No, not because we forgot camera / video / the batteries gave out / anything like that. We were stopped from taking them because not all kids had the consent form to be photographed. HOWEVER (despair ye not oh avid photo-philes of the older generation) I’ve put our name down for the ‘official’ photos and (they say) a video of the event, so at some point in the future there may be some photos of the Littles grinning  like Mr Potatohead on stage.

Meanwhile, I sit here rather numb of brain. Yesterday was just too snotty to write or do a thing, and today’s been wiped out sorting out my car stuff. Renewals. Painful financially and time-expenditure wise. Paperwork is the Devil’s own torture device. As for “Codine”,  I’ll have to try and write today’s post after dinner and Lara-bed. Skipped yesterday so it would be dreadful to follow up with another non-post day. Oh well, this is what I invented the blog for: to keep writing. Better buckle down.

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