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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday 19th June 2011

Been a wet blanket today. The Family Cold has finally made its way to me and I’ve been nursing a tummy gripe all day. Poor Ian had to look after us both, did all the cooking, playing, deciding, fetching and carrying. Bit of a bum Sunday.

Still, we did get out to the beach. Beautiful day, even with stomach ache. Watched in amusement as Lara played in the shallows and (inevitably) eventually fell in, fully clothed. The amount of sand she brought home at the end of the day was phenomenal. Again, Ian dealt with it all, and as for Lara she seemed perfectly happy to wander about with nothing but her head and shoulders dry.

Haven’t done a thing all day, and now I’ve got a headache to replace the stomach ache (it’s all go here). Instead been reading some new book I’m meant to be reviewing – a translation from some insane Romanian guy’s where the sentences (I kid you not) frequently run on for a page and a half. Can’t believe I’m still reading it. What do these guys think they’re doing? Plus, just think of the poor translator!

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  1. If the Rumunj is famous, the long sentences are a big plus, if he is not, they are a bummer
    Translators deserve all they get.