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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 14th June 2011

Anyone would think it’s the Arctic here, not Australia. Howling gale, rain, front door rattling so hard I’ve wedged the big leather pouf hard in front of it to stop the noise.

Both of the guys stayed home today, mopping up the remnants of their colds and other maladies. I did however take Lara to drama in the evening, which she seemed to be quite up to. Seems at least one of the other kids at drama stayed at home with the same sort of symptoms today: floppy, watching telly, coughing, listless as lettuce. His mother was vowing he’d be going back to school on the morrow come hell or high water. I sympathized. … Oh gosh, look at that, I just found a hair on my black jumper that’s quite white from top to tail. Mine, of course.

… Sorry, got quite distracted there. Ah! But I haven’t told you! Picked up my new glasses today: one plain pair and one pair of sunglasses. The strange little man who does the front of house at Specsavers and has the air of a gay Rumplestiltskin fitted them for me with absolute precision, speed and total silence. Felt like giving him a bunch of flowers in gratitude (no Christian babies to hand at the time). Mind you having said that Lara was there, but she’s hardly Christian or a baby. She had a burning interest in what my glasses cases were going to be like, for some obscure and child-worthy reason. Was disappointed at the plain offerings I came away with, but reconciled herself to them quite quickly. She also had great fun trying out the kiddy-glasses in the shop while we waited. Have to say she looks pretty good in any of them, should the need arise. As I suppose it might well.

The main joy, though, was when I drove back from the drama class, in the dark. Always hated driving in the dark, but good god, I could see! No scarier than driving in daylight! Marvellous beyond all ken. Road markings, bumps and bits in the road, what the road was doing way up ahead… dammit the roadsigns and shop-fronts are so clear they’re almost distracting. “Parking 2 hours, Monday to Friday…” “Tow-away zone..” Fascinating. Even when I started driving my vision was never quite perfect so it’s an entirely new and wonderful experience. I’m still a shit driver and can’t park for toffee but I can see!

… Which also reminds me, Lara was interested in the shop-signs too, and was mentioning from the back: “when it’s dark they have the flashing lights saying ‘open’ on the door. It’s dark now. Look! See? There!” in triumphant tones, and indeed I glance to the side to see “Adult Bookstore, OPEN” in lurid neon surmounting some starkly-displayed corsets and bondage-lite gear. Nothing wrong with her eyesight just yet.


  1. Perfect blog. PMSL. THe gay Rumplestilskin part just farted me off into oblivion. And being the current "fav story" of the kids you hit the nail home. Sorry, I'm still imagining it...
    But has your eyesight after surgery actually got a bit worse or? I must have missed that entry somewhere...
    Which reminds me that I just (very unwillingly but my last contacts had run out, can't quite wait another 6 months before I purchase new ones) and tremblingly forked out my 100 dollars for the test... I went rather pink when writing "when was last eye exam"- urm, 2004?? THat's what happens when one buys stuff in countries where one doesn't need a prescription.

    More of these posts please and gosh, hope you all feel better soon- urgh, not that the June Gloom is much better over here, but in a house without heating that's a bit hard to bear.

  2. It is good to know you can see properly, Vesna, specially when you are driving - your excitement over being able to see the signs is a bit scary! What is the prescription? Hope it holds, at least, where it is at the moment, cannot be that bad since you were able to drive without glasses.
    Concerning the cold weather, we have just sent you some warm slippers, the traditional faux-fur ones (looked for real fur ones in my usual Rovinj place, but they don't have them anymore, alas), and a nice long vest that could come in handy. If they both fit and are useful, do let us know and we'll send some more.
    Congrat on all the writing efforts, and good wishes for a speedy recovery from the bug, whatever it is. Much love to all.