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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011

Marvellous! Wonderful! At the end of last week Lara came home and said she wanted her hair cut, and this time she sounded 'for-real'. So we said we'd take her to the hairdressers's at the weekend. So we did. She looks lovely! Haven't taken any pics yet but will do as soon as she gets dressed. There's even a possibility of her combing her own hair now! She seems very pleased and I swear it's making her act in a more grown-up manner... eating sandwiches properly without dismembering them, and buttering her own toast this morning. She's pleased enough with how it looks but when she realises how much easier life is with shoulder-length hair rather than butt-length hair, she'll be turning cartwheels.

What with one faff and the other, we didn't do much else yesterday. Bit of hair, bit of shopping, bit of lunch, bit of reading and QUITE a lot of Moose Den with Daddy. I was waiting at the sidelines to take over for reading and work when they were finished, but she insisted on Daddy for those, too, so the poor man didn't get much of a break.

… In fact, talking of reading, it's time for reading now so I think we'll get that over with before Daddy gets up, save the poor bugger.

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