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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday 2nd June 2011

‘Ello ello. Now it’s the 2nd and it appears I haven’t moved an inch. Must be the middle-aged girth impediment factor.

Ruby was fantastic yesterday – or rather, it was fantastic having her round. I just left them to it, and went to type up something. Found them downstairs 20 minutes later making beautiful and loving gift cards for each other amidst a sea of craft materials and paper wreckage. I was called upon to serve food and do some impromptu face painting (Ruby requested a giraffe, at which I was slightly taken aback  but it’s amazing what you can find with google so giraffe face paint it was), but that’s about it. Oh, there was also a request for me to be ‘mummy dog’ (seemed to involve some deep barking, panting and pretend licks, and some general menacing posturing). Not too onerous by any stretch of the imagination. Much easier than just having Lara. I must borrow that child more often.

Thursday today and so Dance Group. Boy those kids are clueless, but they still seem to enjoy it, so who cares. The performance is going to be a farce. What the hell.

Talking of which, just booked the tickets to her Drama performance on the 22nd. Seems she’ll have to stay there from until about 8! I hate to think what the next day will be like, never mind the performance. Why those arty-farty types have to mill around and take such a long time over everything has always been a mystery. Half the time or more of any gig is spent messing about and (in my case) not being quite sure what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they just came, performed, and left. Oh no, not to be. The whole palaver is an initiation rite.

I’ve got another runner-up story, you can read it here. Almost annoyed at this one, I kind of wanted it to be either an outright winner or nothing at all. Like this of course it’s pretty much incapacitated for further service, but never mind. Another notch. Hey, if you feel like it leave a comment on the site – interest seems to snowball and it’s all promo, one way or the other. Unfortunately you do have to log in (create a username) to do so, but they don’t send emails. In fact they can only rarely be bothered to send emails to people who’ve submitted stuff, never mind to random parties. It’s funny, just this month (and yes, it’s only the 2nd) I’ve alerted two people to wins they’ve had in competition (well, shortlists) because no-one bothers to email any of the entrants. You have to keep checking back. One of them had been shortlisted in January and (I believe) was unaware.

The Mr is making me a fish curry tonight. Mmmmm. Perhaps my favourite. Tamarind and coconut. So long, curry-less folks! (If you happen to have curry for dinner tonight, feel free to blow a digital raspberry).

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