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Monday, June 6, 2011

Before and After pics! (Or After and Before, rather)

Little Miss Smart!

Sunday afternoon at Dixon Park

and at Dixon Beach

Their 'Honest' faces before they show me something they've done.... and Burger Faces!


'Before' pics: cousin It!

Snogs in the Garden

Long Plait Action


  1. OMGGGGGG! It's 1am my time and I thought I was dreaming. Well done Non!!!! No kidding, I loved that long hair of hers but, she looks suddenly SO much older! What a cutie! WHat a beautiful! Of course she looked great with the long hair but, since it always has to be tied down, this looks stunning. My oh my she takes ones breath away. Gorgeous girl, watch out boys! No really, Larakins, you look FANTASTIC! Do you feel lighter? So many snogs- Auntie Pie

  2. That last one, the one by the tree, what a gorgeous pic... Ive put it on desktop if you don't mind. The pic with her and you laughing in the background is ASMFLU! ( now think up something great sounding to add to the shortcuts)
    HOW lovely can she be? Suddenly she's taller- and more self conscious. OMG she's a little (cough tears)lady. Sob sob. Grrrr ( ian looks a tad surprised and all)

  3. absolutely lovely, the new hairstyle!