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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday 9th June 2011

Another competition win! Poetry this time. Not entirely sure but this might be my first outright win. I'll post a link up once they publish to site.

Unlike last month, however, this one seems to be slipping by in a morass of writing nothing. June is a third gone and I haven't done a thing! Don't know what's happening. Well, I do. Laziness, that's what's happening. Belt, braces and back to the grindstone, it has to be.

We had the Wednesday gang over yesterday afternoon (Ruby and Sophie, that is). Talking of which, I was re-reading some Norse myths the other day and there was the story of Loki having his eating contest with the guy called Logi. Loki lost because Logi ate the bones and the trencher as well as the food, though Logi turns out to be Fire. I guess the kids did leave the plates on the table but not much else. It's wonderful for them to be so voracious. They were a tad bickery yesterday, some argy-bargy going on there but they inevitably seem to mellow into hugging harmony after dinner. A way to a girl's heart is obviously through her stomach.

Apart from that, Ian seems to be having some last-minute teething problems with his lab being set up... the 10th June prospect has been put back to the end of June, and it sounds as if inter-departmental communication leave a little to be desired but it's pretty near completion in any case. In a few weeks he might actually have a functional lab and a full set of employees, finally.

Momentary extraordinary occurrence yesterday when I felt a twinge of nostalgia as someone in front of me in the grocery check-out queue pulled out some Sainsbury's carrier bags to re-use. She'd been chatting about how her kids were picking up the Australian accent anyway so I knew she was a Pom but it was the unlikely crumpled orange bags that were the trigger for an 'aww' moment. Haven't shopped at Sainsbury's for years anyway, the overcharging shite-mongers. Anyway, the twinge rapidly evaporated.

(a little later...) Pumpkin, spinach and coconut curry for breakfast. How good can one small life get? By the way, I forgot to mention (for the picture-crazy amongst you) that I posted a retrospective few pictures on the 15th May. Hadn't downloaded for a while.

(Quite a LOT later... like several days) 
I STILL can't post comments on Blogger, so resort to modifying my own text. Thanks for the update, Whaley, we'll catch up at the weekend. Hope the minestrone's good. (mmm)

Almost a term of endearment, surely, Bananas. Particularly when lengthened to 'Pommy Bastards'. A lovely old gentleman who helped me park my car the other day was using it freely - we are now firm friends . I like to think it applied more to my turning circle than me.


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    We saw your pictures, thanks, and showed them to Alessandra yesterday morning - she initially thought cutting the Non's hair a great shame, but cheered up a bit when she saw the "after" ones.
    The roof leaks in the mountains, but over the stairs outside our flat. As it is in exactly the same part of the roof in which our Velux leaked, I think our Velux is OK, and that the first time it rained so hard - there were warnings on TV - that it soaked don to our Velux and weted our bed. That is OK now - we found the builder had put a huge piece of plastic over it to cover it when we got there last Saturday. If it ever stops raining the builder and his roof man will go and examine the roof. That won't be for a few days yet - last night the power cut off for about a second, and my PC stopped working. I tried it again this morning, took it to the repair shop, and they rang back this afternoon to say there was nothing wrong at all. Although I turned it off, and left it overnight, that was not enough. Apparently it needs to be unplugged and left for 5 minutes for capacitors, or some such, to discharge after a power cut. Annoying to realise that by the time I had carried it down to car I had already cured the problem. Worth remembering though.

    To Mino's for minestrone today, with Joletta, who says she finds the work very different, as she does not understand the material cutting technical terms in Italian, which produces strange English. But overall she is happy and enthusiastic still.

    Love to you all,


  2. A pom? It's a good thing I'm not English or I might be offended.