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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday 11st June 2011

Well, as reader participation goes that was pretty abysmal. So I've just gone ahead and thought of something. Perhaps start posting on Monday – mind you it's a holiday here on Monday so perhaps not. Isn't it funny, the Queen's birthday is a holiday here? Not in the UK.

Been a bit of a non-event today. I got up at about, oh, six thirty and made my way to the computer. Checked mail, wrote stuff, messed about, 7:30, no sign of anyone. More messing, 8 o'clock, no sign. Oh well, messed some more, and it was 9:30. 9:30?? And no sign? Turns out that Lara was feeling ill and groggy and Ian – well, he's an adult, so it amounts to the same thing. So we spent the day indoors. She watched lots of telly, Ian took care of her and did a long Moose Den, they played DS, and meanwhile I hung about in the background and planned out mysteries.

She's feeling better by now but Ian's a bit iffy, we'll see how things go in the morning. We're meant to be going to morning tea at Neve's place tomorrow, don't know if we'll be in a fit state. Oh well, early to bed, I guess.

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