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Friday, June 10, 2011

Reader Intervention

I've got an idea for a random writing project. A blog post a day (on a dedicated blog) on some random story. Here's the thing, you get to choose the theme. Plot. Whatever. If I don't hear anything I'll just pick something myself.
Here's what you have to suggest:
  • Setting (where, what time period)
  • Main protagonist (occupation etc)
  • Conflict (emotional theme, that is)
  • Genre (detective, horror, thriller, historical, mystery, drama, young adult, etc)
Plus you can suggest:
  • Items to include (physical things)
  • Secondary character
I'm thinking 10K upwards for total length of piece but we'll see. Or maybe one a week? Go on. It'll be a laugh.


  1. Jack Diamond
    a run down mining community, 70s
    Ginger, a bus conductress

  2. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    Protagonist: Grumpy old pensioner,
    setting: his allotted parking space taken up by...
    genre: horror/humour

    most frequent conflicts in families: sharing inheritance (ok trite)

    Congrat. on winning poetry entry.


  3. Love them! All very doable. They'll be on after I've done the first story, first installment hopefully later today. (Nearly done plotting.)I won't tell you what the random story generator gave me for that one because it'll give too much away. Right, I'm going to post this comment with 'name and url' and see if it still works...