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Monday, February 28, 2011

28th February 2011 (Monday)

Crawled out of bed this morning to find the rest of the family rolling about on the floor outside the bathroom, quite naked, busy spelling 'broccoli' on Brain Training. Seems they'd been waylaid by the allures of Dr Kawashima half-way 'twixt shower and breakfast.    (Addendum... Dr Kawashima is the author of the DS game Brain Training, which we're all into at the moment. As a spurious note of well-waddaya-know, Dr Kawashima is installed at Tohoku University. ... This is the one our dad taught at, for any non-siblings reading.)

Talking of which, that girl's pants have a remarkable tendency to disappear. She frequently comes out of the bathroom with nothing on below the waist, and it's only with the utmost insistence we can get her to wear anything at all. She seems to be under the perpetual impression that if she acts nonchalant enough we won't notice, and she'll get away with Bare Bottom the live-long day. Mind you I'm often quite distracted so perhaps she has a point.

Also talking of showers, I came downstairs another morning after scrubbing the bathroom and attending to some much-needed personal grooming, and announced brightly,
“Well the shower's clean if you want to wash, and I have no hairs on my knees anymore.”
“Blimey,” quoth the Mr, “what did you use to clean the shower? A flame-thrower?”
Who said marital understanding was dead.

The cold that's been plaguing me for over a week is finally grovelling in its last death-throes, so I'm a-fixin' to go swimmin' again tomorrow morning. The flab it has a way of accumulating. Do you know tomorrow's the first day of Autumn? I'd better make the best use of the Ocean Baths while I can.

Pound's dropped again. We were slightly hopeful as it climbed – albeit with the speed and tenacity of a salmon who knows he'll never get to pass on his genes and is thinking of just hibernating in a lowland pool – and now it's been washed out to sea again. It must mean there will be a rush of good houses on the market.


  1. HAHAHA- (about the hairs) sorry, my lower intellect- lost me on the Mr Kawashima one. What?
    Good that you're out of the colds- goodie! You and flab, you're a walking broom as you described one of my friends once, really you put others to shame and there you are talking about flab. Blah blah, I'll show you some of mine- I bet you won't be jealous. Hi hi

  2. So the Non is already trying Brain Training, glad to hear this as I thought it was too advanced for her. Do they have to play it naked though?