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Monday, February 28, 2011

27th February 2010 (Sunday) Happy Birthday to Gianmarco!

“I said no camels. That's five camels!”
“Compensation for my brother's car.”
                               (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Having missed the free camel rides at Hunter Street Mall over a year ago, Lara finally got to ride one on Saturday. Ah, the bliss. Her camel's name was Petra, it seems.

There were also some animals from Oakvale Farm in pens. It's a kind of promo they do of occasion. The camels usually give rides at Nelson Bay and they team up for an animal extravaganza. The camel owner was rather impressed with the Non for knowing they were dromedaries, and that the other type was Bactrian.

Mental health is overrated in the face of Drometainment.


'Just off to get the morning papers, dear..."


Wasn't there some saying about seeing yourself in the eye of a camel...


Lara found this entertaining emu fascinating but slightly terrifying - and there must be some famous story about a princess and a tiger. The tiger had (what must have been a very sweaty) person inside it, and was awfully jolly.

This Children's Python was absolutley beautiful, irridescent and positively glowing. They did say he'd been known to bite if not handled correctly... on the other hand apparently this is as big as they get, which is always nice. Once pythons get longer than you are I always start to get a little worried about who exactly is the top dog, in a house-pet situation.


Sunday was the last Nippers of the season. We were wondering why they stopped it so early, when the water is still very warm – and found out it's because it clashes with the Footie and Rugby. Ah, I see. Oh well, that's it until November, now. It's done her a lot of good, I think. She's much better at listening and participating, they make it all such good fun. Her swimming was still shocking yesterday, though I could at least see she was occasionally thinking about swimming properly but she still looked like a poodle puppy on the verge of drowning. The discrepancy between ability and performance is chasm-like for her in so many fields. Slightly frustrating but I guess it'll even out eventually.

... I just found a whole stack of camel jokes, few of which are amusing and almost none of them clean. This last piece more than slightly smutty but I thought it was at least a little unusual.

     The sex life of the camel
     Is not as dull as one thinks
     For in moments of animal passion,
     He makes crude attempts at the Sphinx.
     But the Sphinx's posterior passage
     Is clogged with the sands of the Nile,
     Which accounts for the hump on the camel,
     And the Sphinx's inscrutable smile.

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  1. MY I hadn't checked a while on the site and what a treat! Thanks Auntie Ninja, and isn't that impressive! I certainly don't know as much info on camels as Lara does, well done, you're surpassing auntie Pie at six years old, which is about where my education ends. What wonderful pics, and the one in the eye of the camel! I bet you you couldn't get Leo up on one of those, anything above two inches off the ground and he's passing out. WOUld have loved the snakes though! HEY at last got the long awaited for card sorted out over the weekend, so hopefully in the post office around wednesday.