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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I spent some time installing stat counters on all my blogs and websites: just six websites (including one unpublished) but some of them have a inordinately high page count. It took a while. Having installed them, I checked up on the summary page, and found that within the last ten seconds the Pie had just clicked onto Upsidedown 2 and clocked right off again in disgust. Visit duration 0 seconds. Wow, speedy clicking fingers. I mean 1 second would be impressive enough but 0 is verging on Matrix skills. I bet she's got one of those black leather coats stashed away somewhere.

Busy busy busy past few days. Don't know where it went. I've been heads-down what with forging ahead with the Shakespeare site and preparations for the party – every day there's something else. We're now in possession of all the equipment for the 'disco' part of it: two lights (one laser, one revolving spots), one fog machine, 4.5 litres of fog juice, and an extra large bottle of bubble mix to put in the bubble machine. Unfortunately it seems I can't plug the mic into our stereo system, so I'll just have to yell really loudly. Should come naturally. I've hijacked a load of CDs from the libraries and downloaded into itunes.

Oh, and I've also got to make the Littles her costume. As the theme is 'jungle disco', we tried to find something and we went to the hire shop but nothing quite answered. So we went and got some leopard-like fabric and some tulle instead, and I'm going to put together a fluffy skirt and some skimpy top. It'd better be skimpy because the material is furry... she's not going to want too much of that wrapped round her in this heat.

Lara's been enjoying being back at school. Possibly not least because it's air-conditioned in her classroom – unheard of bliss, when I'm sitting in the study up there sweating like a spitted pig revolving rapidly over a barbecue. Started back up at gym again, too. Lillian's not going this term but she seems to be Ok with it.

The local balloon emporium 'ballonaway' is on the way to the gym, so we stopped by there. Oh yes. Five minutes later came out with a pack of 100 modelling balloons. These are the proper, long ones, no nonsense there. Boy, am I going to have fun with 100 modelling balloons! Thought I'd make up a load of animals and give them out as part of the 'goodybag' scenario. They always like those things, don't they. Looks fun, too.

Ian was looking over some word puzzle she'd brought home from school yesterday. One of those 'find the word' puzzles, you know, solid block of letters and you circle words you find in it. He's standing there looking and nodding approvingly, then suddenly jumps with a:

“WHAT?? Why did you circle 'feck'? I'm sure that wasn't on your wordlist!”

I tell you, there's some Irish blood in there somehow.

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  1. Particularly guffawable! ( Feck) and the energy that you have for balloons is past wonderful, it's scary. WHAT fun, smoke and disco! WHERE AM I? Aaah see you got the creativity, just there if I wouldn't have found a dress I would have gone berserk. Just can't put my head round to START putting an item of clothing together, I think buttons and darning is my limit. One of my friends in Japan used to hassle me to make jewerly even, I sat down with her unwillingly after months of torture and promptly gave up
    5 minutes later in frustration throwing them across the room in disgust,as hopeless at doing anything tiddly (except cooking) as you are at losing at games (or anything hi hi )
    HAHAHAHA II guess I do check once daily at least if there is something new up here, I must say that Nea though has found out the convenience of clicking bookmarks to use certain sites and is often looking at all sorts of stuff, and since yours is always at the very left in a good spot it she might be going on and off as well, god knows all sorts of things appear when she's hear. 0 seconds though!!! Oh sweetie lots and lots and lots of love and love to the Woofies!