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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday 21st November 2011

Not all weekends are created equal, and last weekend was decidedly inferior.

Namely, it appears Lara went through a ‘patch’, as one terms it euphemistically. The said ‘patch’ nearly resulted in several reciprocal patches on the walls and various family members’ hides, but touch wood it seems to have subsided – at least at present. It involved tantrums of the wildest kind… I don’t think elaboration is necessary.

Today she seems much improved. In the struggle for better behaviour, all toys were once again removed and her room is miraculously easy to clean again. The lockup, on the other hand, is so full that one can only open the door with some trepidation, and close it with considerable effort.

I’ve also noticed (this morning) an outbreak of tiny zits all over her forehead, so it’s more than possible that the wildness was directly linked to a hormone surge. Oh well, she has turned six, I guess. Such is life.

Meanwhile, I spent pretty much all morning hanging out with Anna – first taking a walk and getting the gossip (seems they really ARE moving to Tasmania, imminently, as in, a few weeks). Then we retired to the computer and drafted up a ‘Beanie Kid story’ for Lillian’s upcoming party. I think she’s going to make a story-board thing and entertain the kids. Oh well, if Lara’s anything to go by the Beanie kid stories are always much appreciated.

I’ve also made a new YouTube channel specially for the Sonnets, ( and I’m currently uploading samples on there as I type. (not finished yet by a long shot… I’ll tie it up tomorrow). There’s no use trying out the link that’s mentioned at the end of all of them because a) the site isn’t live yet and b) the sonnets aren’t on sale yet (it’s getting close, fingers crossed) – but still, it’s one part of the three. Merchandise, merchandise, merchandise.

By the way, if anyone wants to hear all the sonnets (for the readers of this blog I can’t imagine why) I think I can zip the files and send them along… However, I fully realise wading through over three hours of sonnets isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea by a long shot. Once it’s all smoothed over I intend to market it to a (possibly mainly overseas) University English Department audience. This is all a long way in the future – it’s going to be a few months before the website is absolutely complete. ON THE OTHER HAND if any of my MULTITUDE of readers chance upon a suitable marketing venue, I’d be most interested in hearing about it.

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  1. WHOOOOOA EXCELLENT! Hey, just ( and this is 7am morning, I am NOT booozing) went to the site watched roses 3 times. That is MFC Hipnotic! It made me so proud, somehow, not to sound american; it was done so well! Now you know that poetry never was my thing- but I assure you, even to the layman this thing is good. I love the way it's in black too with the white letters slowly zooming in, accompanied with the beautiful reading; really, really wonderful. I hope that you start getting offers as soon as possible, are you going to send them around somewhere?
    ZITS? MUST be hormones- never seen such a small kid with acne before, guffaw. Sigh. I wish that taking away toys was an option to me, those days are gone, believe me be happy while you've still got it. THe current threat ( in our house it's not tantrums, they -especially Leo- rarely have actual tantrums, real nightmare on Elms street I mean, it's more listening to instructions- the get this done, let's not do this kind) is that he'll be sent to boarding
    school and BY gum there mummy isn't going to be there to read stories and cook your favorite dinners every night; this seems to petrify him suitably so sorry Leo I use it, occasionally, so that it won't ware off. After that it will be date nights or something I guess.
    In any case I can't imagine Lara actually screaming, don't think I7ve ever seen it happen. But definitely things come around in phases.Heck, I guess I still have my phases.You know, pissed today, sober tomorrow.Hope it's better MUCH quicker, and to add a word I know you don't need; EVERY post-birthday I've had with the kids till now has been off- the-beat, and EVERY time they have had things taken away mercilessly- I think it's the sudden downpour of "things" that unhinges them a tad. To look on the bright side, after some 10 days things always go back to normal- namely that they get it that they've been to fuzzy dream land and now are, for better or worse, back, with both feet on MUMMY'S floor. HI hi hi. Love ya tons