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Friday, February 18, 2011

18th February 2011 (Friday)

I don’t really feel I’m living life in the fast lane at the moment. Having clawed my way round the ’50 track’ rule CD Baby has (by a laborious process of amalgamating tracks), I am finally at the uploading stage for the Sonnets. Ah, joy, I thought, clicking the button after selecting all the tracks, now it’s almost over.

Oh no. Not yet. After a couple of minutes looking at the upload, I realised (on rough calculation) it would take approximately 26 hours of uploading to get all the tracks on. It’s going at about 1meg per minute.

Well, if it takes 26 hours, that’s what it’s going to take, I told myself. You can leave it running overnight, on the off-peak time for the internet too, it’ll only take a couple of nights.

So I left it running last night and this morning… find it’s uploaded about three tracks and stopped. Ah, of course. The site times out and logs you off after a while. Great. So I have to sit here with the damn thing running in the background for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime I reckoned I’d start making the samples for the new YouTube channel I’ll make for it. About 10% of the total should be fine but I might even go as far as 20% (that would be close to 30 sonnets). They don’t take too long to put together once I’ve got the template done. However, Microsoft Movie Maker being what it is, it has currently (of course) crashed. Each time it does this one has to open it up again, itself a process that takes a fair amount of time.

As you can see I’m still head-first into this nonsense: I SO want to be free of it and go and do something else… but the goal for this year is to finish projects before moving on, so I’m really battling this one out. It WILL be a seamless, integrated, showcasing-and-selling bonanza of internet activity. Oh yes. Maybe when I’m 50, at this rate.

Meanwhile, talking of projects, the Mr was telling me yesterday about the grant he wants to apply for. Sweet heavens above. I don’t understand most of it, but there were terms like ‘plating up a million plates’ ‘… something about building up a library of … inserts? (We’re talking DNA here, obviously). He went into some detail, most of which presented itself to my mind in visions of the poor Mr stuck in his office for months solid without food or water until he’d pippetted and plated stacks and stacks and stacks of plates, piled up all around him like the washing-up in the cartoon version of ‘The Sword in the Stone’. Beard getting longer and the Mr getting wafer-thin. Apparently it’s not going to be him doing the work as such – they’d get some other people for it. Sounds amazing but somewhat scary.

The Littles seems nicely back on track now what she’s got her beloved Mr Pollock back, all happy and bouncy. (That's her being happy and bouncy, can't vouch for what Mr Pollock's up to). Had Jaymie over for a play yesterday, she’s not in the same class any more but it was a nice sort of keep-in-touch ploy. I’ve got to get back into the habit of inviting kids round on a regular basis. We’ve been a bit slack since school started again. They had a good time.

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  1. Were you ever OUT of getting kids around? Hadn't noticed with all the activity BG! Good that Mr Pollock is back-funnily enough one of Leo's teachers is Mr Pollock as well, must be a teacher thing. ALl the internet activity seems enough to boggle one's mind, I don't know how you do it. I give up after one unsuccessful try and shut off the computer, optimistically thinking "well tomorrow is another day perhaps I'll try..." needless to say tomorrow has its own agenda and things never get tackled the way you seem to stick to things. Even one slow blog seems to be out of my capacity. Loved the way you can just think of things such as illustrating something with a banana and apple. The Mr seems to be in quite a load of stuff! Of course I get even less of it than you do but it's miraculous that he can find the energy to keep up with things at home as well. Thanks for entry! XOXOXOS