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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Realised today when we spoke to the W&W, I hadn't mentioned: WE GOT OUR VISA!!! Actually back on Valentines. Guess I was still zonked out to remember to type it at the time. Fantastic! So, sold house, got visa... now all we need to do is get a load and find the right house. Then we can no doubt begin on the 7-year project of rennovation but hey it's a start.

Brain death has set in a little at the moment. Today was unremarkable in many ways. In the morning we went for a very pleasant swim (even the Mr did some laps), and in the afternoon we went to see one (unremarkable) house. Not desirable, not despicable either. Slight remark to be made on the extreme unwillingness the Littles put up at doing her work in the afternoon, leading to some considerable argy-bargy.. but then that happens in cycles as well so again, unremarkable. The Mr cooked us a very nice dinner with loads of fish and noodles and steamed veg, and we rolled around for the rest of the time. I'm sleepy and I'm getting addicted to More Brain Training on the DS. If you can get addicted to that you're prey to anything, there's no hope for you.


  1. Sorry you are getting "adicted" to More Brain Training - it was meant to help - the Littles - over time. But then when she too gets adicted, ...


  2. Oh, we love it! Everyone's trying to grab the DS for a go. Besides, before that it was Mario Carts, and I think Brain Training has at least got to be better than that ;)