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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1st February 2011 (Tuesday)

Dear god that was hot. At the current time of 5 a.m. it's 27 degrees. A neighbouring cricket just woke me up and it wasn't a long walk to the computer, because I slept on the sitting room floor last night, spread-eagled flat on the living-room carpet with no more ceremony than two pillows. Too hot upstairs, though the Mr elected to stay up there. It was 43 degrees yesterday, I think I heard – frankly it felt like more. Was 32 by 8:30 in the morning. Had the whole pizza-oven effect going on when you stepped outside.

Went for my laps yesterday, first time back swimming in nearly two months, felt a bit puffed. Tried to get it done as quickly as possible to get out of the sun. One lenght of 50 meters takes about 30 seconds, and during the actual lap your head doesn't get completely submerged – it's only at the turn that the very top of your head goes under. Each time I noticed how pleasant it was to have the water cool one down: in the intervening 30 seconds it had become so hot.

Someone promised rain today – I sure hope they're right.

Two days of school down the hatch, and boy I've been steaming away (figuratively as well as literally). Actually it's mostly been hammering away at my Sonnets project – I want to get that one done and dusted during the next two months. The recording is nearly finished (was just having trouble with three last ones yesterday), now I'll check them all over and whack them over to Amazon. 'Nuther day or so on that. Then of course there's the website... it's now got the full complement of 154+ pages (one for each sonnet) and if I give it an hour each day for a couple of weeks I should be able to get the pics in each one. It's just that with so many pages even creating the links for the initial index page took an hour yesterday. Still, once it's done it should look pretty respectable. I imagine within a few months of release it'll start netting some traffic – how many of those will actually buy the recording's another matter but it might be better than nothing.

Littles seems to have settled into school pretty nicely. They were all rather quiet on the first day, I suspect maybe zonked out. She managed to hand out her invites to both classes, so the RSVPs for the party are starting to come in. Might take her to a costume shop this afternoon. She's sitting next to Ruby, and is (as we knew she would be) in Mr Pollock's class. Already brought home the first 'sign urgently' thing from the school... sports day with consent form needed for tomorrow and they send out the notifications today. I wonder how many children will turn up to school in normal school uniform tomorrow. Quite a few, I bet. Those newsletters don't make it home on quite a few occasions.

On Monday afternoon Sophie came round with her sisters (and mum) and they said Really sorry can't make it to the party but would you like to come to the beach with us this afternoon? So she did. Seemed to have a great time and got back at about 6. Nearly went face-first into her roast lamb dinner she was so tired by the end of it all.

Yesterday was swimming lesson. Gosh, what terrible swimming. It was one of those days where everything they've ever learned seems to be jettisoned into outer space. Still, I guess we all have days like that. Maybe next time she won't look like a fly drowning in a glass of wine.

The Mr is much better. He's still got a bit of a sore throat but by Monday he was almost-fine and went to work. Today no doubt he'll be slightly underslept due to the heat but what can one do. Move into a house with air conditioning, that's what.

… I've just had to move off the sofa. The sweat was trickling into crevasses from the contact with laptop and leather and being too ticklish. It's all of 5:30 a.m. now. I really hate to think what the day's going to bring.

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  1. Poor Vens, it's certainly super better after England but really hot days for quite a time is something to absorb. I remember the 2 months a year in Japan when one would like to just disappear from the earth and be swallowed up since there is no respite during the night either. But then that is a whole other kind of heat.And poor Flea it certainly isn't nice being sniffly at the best of times even worse having a sore throat during the heat, it isn't very nice at all, hope he feels a lot lot better soon. No wonder the NOn couldn't swim for a day; heat heat heat tends to exhaust one out of knowing how to pee on the loo let alone do complicated strokes. Hope there was some rain at least. Here it's kind of chilly and breezy but OK at the moment.
    Just been chilling out these days and doing home chores, homework and play, tried to start putting on the blog again but must say that it's just so much work to do while one should be doing something else, can only do it when I don't have a lot to cook that day. Sigh. I think I'm going to stop again as soon as I started. I'm surprised you can still do it in the heat then again you were always so very more disciplined than I was (or am). By the way I saw the house you went to see ( gor george am I jealous as a mean old codger that you can live and buy such a place... sob sob sob sob )
    But somehow didn't like it quite as much as I did the other places ( or at least some of them) entering place is nice (maybe it's just the interior that gets me down) but somehow the outside didn't seem to be quite... I dunno, YOU. I guess anything that comes up is good and a good price but. GOsh that reminds me I really have to get them to the pool again to some lessons. It's just that the YMCA that we belong to is SO heavily chlorinated ( I mean I bought the clorine-off shampoo AND body wash) and YET the next day mako is still smelling of pool and I swear that his hairline has dramatically gone thinner since he started going 3 times a week- one could argue it is the age but still, one sees when something suddenly starts happening, I feel rather worried. ANyway, what am I commenting about this on your blog. Lots of love and big pusses, XOXOXOXXOXOX especially to hot Lara! Sorry sweetie, the thing STILL hasn't come I'm crossing fingers it'll be here by Saturday so that at last we can send it off on monday,.....