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Sunday, January 30, 2011

30th January 2011 (Sunday)

Who would've thought it. I've just found out today's the last day of the holidays. I thought school started on Tuesday but turns out that was erroneous.

Gosh, I do so love to be proved wrong. How marvellous.

The poor little Mr has been groggy all weekend, so for a change I took the Littles to Nippers this morning. Hot as usual, but I somehow managed to avoid getting into the water – thank goodness, as that would have been one small lump and one large lump of shivering ice sitting on the sides towards the end of the proceedings. Lara did quite good paddling on the surfboard and even some pretty acceptable diving under them, but for some reason absolutely forgot everything about her actual swimming. Floated along in a just-about-making-it jellyfish sort of way, you'd never believe the nice swimming she's been doing. No idea why. Anyone would think she hadn't a clue and was in imminent danger of sinking.

Saw a lot of houses yesterday, but most of them were overpriced and not quite answering to our requirements. The last one we saw was nice, but in retrospect we reckoned it was easy to be bowled over by the lovely outside landscaping, which in fact is not that hard to do. It was here.

… By the way, it was a while ago but I think I've failed to mention, I actually won my first ever cash prize a while back in a short story competition. Wooo hoo! Mind you it's all old news by now but I did promise to post the link so here it is – you'll have to scroll down because I didn't actually win it, but came runner up. Still, I was pleased.

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