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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th 2011 (Tuesday)

Guggh… slightly losing the will to live. I’ve just been through the SECOND audio selling site, set up an account, done the rigmarole and find that you can only upload 50 tracks on this one. As the Sonnets are 154 tracks long it’s too short. ‘Course I can send in a CD but it’s a bit of a pain. So CD Baby (the site) is sidelined for the moment. Well, at least it was better than Createspace, which only pays royalties in the form of US dollar cheques. What the hell use is that to me? I just wish they’d tell you these things before you fill in all the gumph and give them your details. So tedious.

Meanwhile. The website (the Sonnets one) now has pictures for ALL the pages. 154 of them. All the links should be in place – ‘course I can’t actually click and check these until the site goes live, so I’ll have to wait to find out. No point in going live until I have something to sell, obviously, hence the eagerness to get the damn tracks off my computer and onto the net. Ready to be moving on, here.

Boy. People seem to have the perception that the Sonnets are a bit stuffy, perhaps… but some of them… dear me. One sort of accepts it in verbal form but once you try and put illustrations to them, dear oh dear. Well I don’t want it to be an X-rated site, after all. One of them was so lewd I just couldn’t think what picture would be appropriate, so finally opted for one of a half-peeled (large) banana and a couple of apples. Best I could do.

Ahem. The Mr had his first employee walk in the door today. It’s officially her first day tomorrow but today I think they were doing miscellaneous paperwork. Not bad going considering he still doesn’t actually have a lab. Apparently it’s getting pretty crowded in Pete’s lab but there will be a couple of people leaving next week… However, it is officially coming into the Tight period. Now till the lab’s done: about mid May, I think they were saying. Always knew it was going to happen, and here we are. Let’s hope the Mr has hired reasonably slim people. Perhaps I should cut down on his lunchtime sandwiches.

Talking of which, we actually managed to finish off the sandwiches from the Littles’s party before they went off. Extraordinary how little those kids ate. Despite the Scooby Snacks game. Probably too busy larking around. Oh, well, all the crisps went, of course. They always do. And there wasn’t a sweet left standing.

Major meltdown today when I went to pick the Littles up. Seems (to cut a long story short – took me a long while to get at the facts) that, basically, things didn’t go to plan on the school schedule and this just didn’t agree with her. It was meant to be ‘Sprinkler Day’ where they come to school in mufti and swimsuits, and the authorities turn on sprinklers for a couple of hours in the afternoon and the kids run around. This is due to year 2 to 6 being off on the annual Swimming Carnival. So Kindy and Year 1 get sprinklers and general mayhem. Only, it was unusually grey today and actually raining – she went to school in a jumper (oh shit I just realised, she never brought it back. Still, it has her name sewn in, surely it’s got to come back).  So they didn’t do the sprinklers today. Not only that but she had a different teacher, who didn’t do EXACTLY as Mr Pollock would normally have done. Catastrophic. There were screams and tears, snot everywhere. Seems she’d been holding it in until I made an appearance and then all hell broke loose. Ah well. We went off to swimming (very late for it, due to all sorts of snotty running around) and she seemed to cheer up remarkably.

Talking of swimming, we decided to call it quits for a while. It’s just SO crowded in the pool at the moment, I thought perhaps for this term we could just go to the baths and do some practice. Once autumn sets in and swimming becomes less popular perhaps it’ll be more conducive to her learning. It’s not bad at the moment but I’ve definitely got the feeling that a quieter atmosphere would be a much better investment of time, effort and money. In the meantime, I’ve promised to try and look out drama classes for her instead. Would do her a world of good.

I think that’s about it.

…. I was going to start looking up the next potential MP3 distributor but confess I just don’t have the energy at the moment. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The end is so close and yet still so far away, it’s infuriating. I’m going to bed.

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  1. Dear me, didn't quite understand what the upset was all about, but by the amount of snot it must have been very very serious, poor Non. I am sure she has recovered by now.
    Thank you for the excellent report on what seems to have been an amazing birthday party, and the pictures additions have come really handy so that we could appreciate how clever the leopard costume was. You must have been completely worn out at the end of it all. Does she still talk about it, and how have you solved the problem of the anonymous presents? Quite embarrassing I am sure.
    Did you girls get a Valentine from the man in your life? I had a most beautiful bouquet of orchids, ranunculous, freesias and little blue and white flowers whose name I don't know, and I did not say that I'd rather have a pork chop like I did last year but accepted them fairly ( not entirely) graciously.
    Hope you sort out your difficulties with the sonnets, what number was the apples and banana one? sounds intriguing and it certainly is not one we did at the Open Uni.
    Love and see you all on Friday night