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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd March 2011 (Wednesday)

We’ve found a drama class for the Littles! I finally tracked one down by asking the lady who put kid’s stuff on at the libraries over the summer. Called Tantrum Theatre, and she’ll be going on Tuesdays. at Hunter Street - much more doable than at Warner’s Bay. I took her in yesterday for a trial, and she seems to have jumped straight in there.

I say ‘seems to’ because I don’t actually know. I thought I’d be staying to watch, but the moment they saw me they kicked me straight back out again and told me to come back at 5. So all I saw was eager children rushing in for the class, and happy smiling children milling back out again at the end. The teachers said she did fine and joined in with everything, and Lara looked quietly glowing and said YES she wanted to come again, so I guess that’s good enough evidence.

Funny weather day yesterday. It was blue skies with cotton-candy clouds brushed madly about the stratosphere in the morning when I went swimming. Some joker had posted up ‘cold’ on the water conditions, while the temperature was listed as 23 degrees. Balmy and beautiful. A little later on it clouded up and grew stiflingly hot, so I spent the day sweltering. It was still killingly oppressive when I went to pick the Littles up, and as we drove out for the drama class big sploshes of rain started to thump onto the windscreen. By the time we were wandering about Auckland Street trying to find the right place, it was hammering it down in a tropical tantrum, and we arrived pretty much soaked to the skin. Luckily we were neither of us wearing much anyway, and I for one certainly dried off within about 5 minutes. It’s just grey and slightly cool today. Oh look at that, it’s raining.

Just in time for my next task. Despite spraying, the spiders are back all along the front of the house, so I’ll have to do it again. I don’t mind the huge orb spider webs, they’re rather exotic – though I guess I ought to clear them away to stop the place looking derelict. It’s the funny messy ones in the corner I’m worried about. I’ll spray it today and give the place a good hose-down in a few days’ time. I think I’ll wrap a towel round my head or something because that stuff always makes my throat sore for days on end afterwards.

Talking of livestock control… my goodness. What do we not have. The icing on the cake this past week is Scuttles the Mouse. Comes out at night and runs about. Have tried putting down a humane mouse trap but he studiously ignores it. Instead he’s tried to haul a whole A4 sheet of paper through  the miniscule gap between the back of the bookshelf and the skirting-board. Needless to say, though he fits through the paper didn’t. I think he got bored of sitting there chewing it to bits in the open first. Megalomaniac mouse. I’ll have to ask the agents to bring in a proper pest control person. Having a cat is certainly useful at times.

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  1. Get the things about spiders, I guess we have to come second runner up to NSW but still, I was just thinking about that- even during a quite freezing winter there is a particularly persistent jumping one in the bathroom that WILL not go away- I have been losing an ongoing battle with that particular guy for a year now, will NOT be caught but every day (somehow over the night) persistently webs a web all over one particular window in the bathroom, he doesn't bother me personally still, the bugger just can't be caught. AS my landlord said; well honey, it's either the ants and spiders, or it's the mosquitoes. Which I am happily inclined to agree that the latter are the worst. At least as long as one doesn't OWN the house- what the inside of the walls look like is none of my business. It's great about the acting class! And frankly, in many cases it's better that the kids don't actually have the parents looking on over them- too many comments. Personally, for a smaller kid it's fine but in Leo's class, I know I'd be far too ahead with "you can't do this or that" - or thinking it in any case, better I stay out of it and keep in touch with the general feel, after all it is their world and I certainly wouldn't like someone poking their nose in mine every moment.Super that she had such a lovely time! Acting is good in so many ways- but she certainly doesn't seem to have problems finding friends anymore or being too shy, great stuff. Hope it's good from now on, makes me want to have Leo go to one too! XOXOXOS