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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9th March 2011 (Wednesday)

Just been mosying about on my Stat counters for the websites… wow there are lot of different addresses watching Upside Down from the Veneto region, I wonder if they’re all real.  According to them there’s San Vendemiano, San Giustina, San Vito Tagliamento (fruili-Venezia), Piombino Dese, Azzano Deaivo, Venice, and of course Treviso. Lordy. The only thing is that they’re all listed as using Firefox and Iunet, so I wonder if it’s all the multifaceted W&W. Funny way of bouncing the IP about though if it is… I thought IP was per computer. Oh well. Not that it makes any difference, it’s just such a lot of information. By the way, I do know Zagreb’s looking… through an AWFUL lot of different computers, too. Curious as to who’s dropping by from Sisak, though.

Our mouse problem has (fingers tightly crossed for luck) GONE. HURRAH. Today incidentally I discovered where he’d found the ribbons for his nest... I hadn’t remembered leaving any lying about. I was tidying up the Littles’s room today and found that all the little pink bags I made for her, labelled ‘cars’ and ‘animals’ and ‘the gingerbread man’ etc, had their drawstrings chewed through and extracted. He’d gone into the cupboards and found himself pink ribbon. Well I never. Now I shall have to re-string them all again.

Lara seemed to enjoy her drama class again yesterday, although I gave myself a stomach-ache from anxiety because I went off to New Lambton Library while she was in class and the traffic back was ghastly, meaning I got there nearly 10 minutes late, by the time I’d found somewhere to stop the car. Ugh. Won’t be doing that again, every SINGLE light was red, I felt like ramming the cars aside. Still, she was OK but it’s not a good way to start of class attendance. Must be extra-careful in future.

It’s turned a little chilly here now… well, it’s still in the high twenties but still, a far cry from what it was. The Littles went in with her bank book today, with great glee. Now that she actually has an Australian bank account (and lots of money in it), she can take in her deposit book to school of a Wednesday and they’ll deposit stuff for her. Well, I mean, you have to provide the money, obviously. Still, seems like a healthy sort of attitude to try and foster. She was all eager, too. Just wonder if she’ll manage to bring the deposit book back, that’s all. Oh well, it’s all good practice.

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  1. We use Firefox now, but I have never heard of lunet. Our kitchen and furniture will be installed on 23 and 24 March, and we will stay up there over night. Littles and her bank book reminds me of taking money to school to buy Savings Certificates, except I can't remember what I spent the money on eventually. Still good training as you say as we saved the 25% deposit on our first house in three years.