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Sunday, March 6, 2011

6th March 2011 (Sunday)

Impromptu early Pancake Day 'celebrated' here yesterday. Well, that's to say, we stuffed ourselves with pancakes. Never get round to it of a Tuesday so we always end up missing out... boy we didn't miss out this time. Not awfully healthy but jolly tasty.

We sat at the kitchen table surveying the high blue skies at 7:30 am, and decided that a quick trip to the beach and a short walk round to Ash would be just the right way to start the day. At 7:35 we noticed the light beginning to fade. By 8:00 it was decidedly chilly when we stepped outside. When we got to the beach the wind was near enough to knock you off your feet and both the girls ended up huddled under towels. Even Lara didn't dream of getting into the water. Partly because the tides were sweeping wholesale over the barriers into the Baths, and partly because the waves were bringing in hordes of Bluebottles. We took a walk down the beach towards Bar Beach instead, and marvelled at the mountains of bluebottles washed up in swathes of neon blue all over the sand. They're like organic bubble-wrap. It's quite compulsive stepping on them and making them go 'pop'. So, about 200 pops later we wound up at Swell's, had a hot chocolate (not very hot by the time they didn't heat it and it sat in the wind for two seconds), and went home.

Hot chocolate at Swell's ... and a closeup of the Bluebottles (yes, they're Portugese Man O'Wars)


... LOTS of them

Popping bluebottles

The rest of the day's a blur. Lara and I did work, and quite a bit of reading while the Mr prepared his lectures for Tuesday and Wednesday. (I think he's still got more work to do on that). There were the pancakes, and quite a bit of Bagpuss. Somewhere between the end of pancakes and possibly during Bagpuss I know I lost consciousness for some time, alarmingly suddenly. Very soporific, carbohydrate engorgement.

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