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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

8th November 2010 (Monday)

Seem to have spent the whole day tidying and even so, by the time I went to pick up the Littles from school hadn't even managed to make the beds. Thank goodness there was an impromptu invitation from Lillian's (which we accepted) and I got another hour, because it made all the difference. Just that bit more. I guess there's just a huge backlog of 'stuff' what with the party, the visitors, the weekend, and whatnot. It'll die down eventually.... I hope.

The Mr had his (free) personal training session with 'Tim' at the gym today (I know, don't ask me, they've never offered one to me but you know what he's like). Said it was OK, but obviously it was his turn to go in the morning. Though instead I'd do my 'five Tibetans' - I know sounds crummy and it does start with spinning round on the spot 21 times but I swear it reduces appetite... probably by making you so dizzy that you feel too sick to eat anything. Anyway, there are some abdominal muscle things in there as well, and with my tyre round the middle I can't get enough of those. Noticed I haven't been losing much weight but flexibility is getting better – finally. Can probably safely say that at nearly forty I'm more flexible than I was at 15 (or indeed any other time) so I guess it's not all doom and gloom.

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