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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th November 2010 (Wednesday)

Blogger is driving me totally, utterly bananas. Not just a little, completely. While I'm writing this draft of an actual POST, I'm still struggling through posting pictures of when the W&W were here. STILL.

Well, it slowed down to a snail's pace, didn't it. Refused to post more than one pic at a time. The pace was agonising, but I suspected I was reaching capacity for picture storage and sure enough eventually the message came up to say I'd reached the limit. Hence the shift to Upside Down Chronicles 02 – fair enough. (Mind you I got confused on this one as well – thought it was just the blogger site that was in trouble, didn't realise it pertained to the whole of my Google account but never mind, all easily sorted enough.)

No difference on the new site. Argh. So now I start looking the problem up and sure enough, there are thousands of people tearing their hair out. Some poor buggers can't even get the thing to load for love nor money, never mind the pace. Others (like me) are complaining about the hanging problem and the slow pace. I looked up the 'help' bit on blogger, cleared the cookies, enabled pop ups for Blogger, no difference. And I've still got (I dread to count how many) more pics to upload before I'm clear of this backlog.

Well there's the rant over with – just think of me for a second when you scroll blithely down the pics. Think of me running and and down stairs, putting one pic up every five minutes while doing the washing/ironing/writing/cleaning/scraping out the bins. I must be stark raving mad.

It probably doesn't help that I've just come back from Kinder Hell again... honestly I'll be so glad when these reading groups finally stop and they go up to first grade. I wonder if we'll be helping in first grade? I know I wanted to be more hands-on but they drive me crazy. 'Get up off the floor, read this,' 'Stop kicking him, look at the board,' 'no, that's not your toy car and anyway you're not meant to be playing with it,' 'stop jumping up and down and screaming,' 'I don't think Alex wants to be kicked in the stomach from a backwards somersault, just stand still instead,' 'no, READ it, don't just guess, how can it say 'asleep' when it starts with a 'w' ?' … it's just too tiring. I'm drained. I don't know how the teachers do it, day in, day out. I'd be an even worse alcoholic than I am already.

Ah, there we are. While I typed the last bit there I was trying to upload two pic. TWO. I had the temerity to try and do it faster than just one at a time – and of course, they hung. Nothing doing. Stop uploading and start again. ARRGGGHHHHH

(OK more rant) – Thought I'd solved it by changing the selection of uploader – it made it better for about two minutes and now its back to normal. That is, practically no movement. Well I've been cogging on at it, updating details and meanwhile just sitting here adding one and two at a time, dealing with the INCREDIBLE frustration of it refusing to move pictures, uploading them in completely random order, and generally displaying an unmitigated disregard for any sense or order. But now to crown it all, the NET has gone down. No connection at all!!! I think I shall just go to the corner to explode – excuse me for a second...


OK that's better. I wonder when the Net will be up again??

(a little later) Well there we are, back up again. Thank goodness. Pretty slow still on the uploading front but at least I've got the updates more or less lined up – now just to stack them up. We've just come back from Merewether Beach, where we met up with Lillian and her mum after school. Lovely day today, if a bit windy, and they ran about and played sandcastles, so all good. We took popcorn and ate it with a lot of sand, Lillian and her mum had ice-creams and the Non and I had hot chocolate and latte. Naturally it all means that my dinner plan of braised lamb shanks is a little behind schedul but the Mr still isn't back from work anyway so it could be worse. Anyway, perhaps this blog is nearly shimmied up... well it's not really, is it, still a lot of tweaking left to do but never mind. Something is better than nothing. Hope everyone is doing very well, and by the way thanks so much for all the comments Pie, I hope you're not offended that I haven't had time to reply but it's just been a bit of a haul getting things updated. Hopefully catch up soon. Lots of love all round!

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