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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

23rd October 2010 - Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains




























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  1. HEY more lovely ones! OML, I believe we saw the Prickly Currant bush at the Huntington about 2 months ago, I remember commenting about it to leo, spectacular things- those waterfalls, trees, just divine- mmm. One of my faves this time is Ian hanging off the red trlley cart, did that move or? Lovely, Woofies look pleasantly knackered! Mountain Devil description is looks good enough to send Leo peeing in his pants for a further 5 months. Lovely. Hey, I tried to open the link to CHRONICLES 2but couldnt, it when I click it it says blog does not exist and its cut off on the main place just at the link, could you send it to my mail directly when you have the time? Thanks for so many lovely pics and pusses!
    We had Undokai today in truly scorching weather and spent 3 hours in the park afterwards, with a banging headache and two rather disgruntled kids I think dinner is going to be very improvised indeed. I hope to post a couple of pics myself but knowing you dont have the time at the moment probably anyway wont make a point to hurry... tomorrow we have a Black Widow and American Native History project that will surely take us till around 11 in the night, I don't prophesy the best. Plus I almost kicked the wall in anguish when I finally received a new piece of garbage of a vacuum cleaner today that has taken me 3 times the amount of time to clean the house and a backache to match it. Anyway, otherwise everything fine- Loves, us