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Sunday, November 21, 2010

14th November 2010 (Sunday)

What a marvellous day. First really hot one. Well, Ian says there were some hot ones before now but I don't know, we weren't quite as immersed in them, maybe.

It did start with a bit of a struggle with maths for the Non's work. One of those days when she'd just decided that she wasn't going to think of a THING, absolutely like feeding a mule with an eye-dropper. Got a bit narked and threatened to call of the projected treat this morning, but luckily she just about made it.

The treat in question was Nippers, at 9:30 sharp of a Sunday morning. Nippers is a fantastically Australian organisation where a whole load of kids meet up at the beach and divide into age groups, run races, learn about the surf, ride surfboards, allsorts. Got to Merewether beach and the place was PACKED. Not just with the kids, seems everybody had come out of the woodwork and it was swim and surf in full swing.

It seems that we should really have registered and the books were officially 'closed', but in a very nice and Australian way the guy let us join anyway. However it did mean that (what with one thing and another) I spent the next hour and half traipsing up and down from the Baths to the Surf Club and back again, looking for various people in amongst a milling throng that was like looking for Billy the Bullock in the middle of a herd of buffalo. Find the guy, fill the paperwork, find Ian for the carkeys, get the car, go home for chequebook (they don't take cards), fill it in, get back, find the guy, back to Baths to look for Lara and Ian, back to the Surf Club to get a receipt. Phew. Anyway she's all nicely ensconced, and has her Merewether lifesavers hat. On the one moment I caught a glimpse of the activities, she was standing up on a training surfboard in the Baths, being pedalled around by Ian. Looked a bit wobbly but entirely happy, and going for it hell for leather. Apparently did some good paddling on the surfboard, good racing, wave jumping and running round the parents in the water.

Well we got back from that at about noon, and we were all zonked, what with the sun and the sea. Froozled around quite happily for a good while, there was a lot of playing of Star Wars games with Daddy going on, and a lot of under-dressed laziness. You get the picture.

Thoroughly pleasant day.

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