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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

22nd October 2010 - Rhododendron Gardens, Blackheath, Blue Mountains








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  1. Lovely gorgeous pics! Settings I dont see usually from over there- thanks so much for posting! UUUmmm, I wanna be with hapy Non in that bed... its nice to see some from inside the house sometimes, one has no idea how its all like. The above pics are just astounding, the trees, the reflections... where were you? ( i see Blue Mountains, but how ... urm far or close is it? It looks like a corner of Japan and Britain mixed together, not Australia) Its funny how it really does even look like a May after rain day, even the flowers are all May. Love the one of Whale looking very pensive (actually thinking about a certain stock hi hi)
    And of course Non and Daddy crown it all. We went to the all known halloween trick or treat party yesterday, and back to everyday today.
    Anyway its bath time, they've just finished their yakitori and carrots so I"m off to have a shower with them- really glad you knew this, of course. XOXOXOXOXOXO Pifs!!!