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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3rd November 2010 (Wednesday) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WOOFIE!

Many happy returns to the birthday girl, and glad we caught you before the witching hour struck! Nice to see the Pobble and Camel, too.

Most of the day over here was spent in preparations for the onslaught of children on the morrow (the Non's belated Halloween party). Of course, there's always endless, endless tidying to do – then there's the last bits of food shopping, there's the carving of pumpkins, the baking of cookies and the icing of them into black cats and yellow moons, then wrapping them up into cellophane wrappers later on with the Non for going into the goodie bags. Have to say these turned out quite nicely, actually. We did little 'thank you for coming, happy Halloween' laminated mini-greeting cards to hold the cookies, put a couple of black cats and a large yelow moon into each bag, and tied it up with twirly string – looked pretty professional, though I say it myself. Then there was the most amusing making of the 'spider bread' – just pizza bread made into the shape of spiders but they look pretty cool and I think they might be a hit.

Funny thing about days like this, you're not entirely sure where the time goes. I put up some decorations, got the place looking OK, prepped it up but there's still loads to do tomorrow. Yawn.

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